Hurtta Weekend Warrior Collar

by Hurtta
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  • Lightweight, durable wide design for everyday use
  • Padded inside for comfort with the nylon band around the entire collar
  • Safety lock mechanism with a stainless steel ring
  • 3M Reflective material
  • Phone number tag on the inside of the collar 
  • Machine-wash safe
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colours

Hurtta Weekend Warrior Collar is a weatherproof and durable collar suitable for everyday use. Padded with a soft mesh, a breathable lining that doesn’t chafe or retain heat. The outer shell is crafted using Hurtta's signature Houndtex material, a lightweight material that is both dirt and water-resistant. The wide design of the collar aids in evenly distributing tension if your dog pulls.

Stainless-steel is used for the metal parts of the collar, the safety locking system and nylon band that stretches throughout the collar ensures durability. This durable collar has been tested to have tensile strength tested. 3M reflective material is present on the collar for improved visibility at night. Located on the inside of the collar is a phone number tag so you can rest assured that if your dog ever wanders off your contact information will be easily discovered!

The Weekend Warrior Collar is available in a variety of sizes and colours; please see the specification tab for more information. 

Size Neckline
25-35 cm (10-14") 25-35 cm (10"-14")
35-45 cm (14-18") 35-45 cm (14-18")
45-55 cm (18-22") 45-55 cm (18-22")
55-65 cm (22-26") 55-65 cm (22-26")

How to Measure Your Dog


  1. Muzzle Length

Measure the length of the nose from the tip to the crook where you want the muzzle to sit comfortable below the eyes.

  1. Muzzle Width

Measure the circumference of the muzzle at the widest part, leaving space for two fingers to ensure a comfortable fit.

  1. Neck

Measure the circumference of the base, leaving enough space to comfortably fit two fingers.

  1. Leg Length

Measure your dog from the top of the shoulder and hip to the floor.

  1. Chest Girth

Measure the circumference of the widest part of the chest behind the front legs.

  1. Length

Measure the length from the top of their shoulders to the base of their tail.

  1. Paw Width

Measure the diameter of the widest park of the paw.