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Any time you take your pup beside or on the water, you must think about water safety. Even if your dog can swim, a fast current or some other problem could spell trouble for your furry friend. Even some of the most experienced doggy swimmers can benefit from the assistance of a Hurtta Life Jacket which will keep your dog afloat and safe if the pup tires or accidentally falls into the water.

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    Hurtta Life Savior
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Water safety is something every pet owner should take seriously. A Hurtta Dog Life Vest affords protection and peace of mind. The lightweight design of the Hurtta Dog Life Savior Jacket never hinders your dog’s natural movements in or out of the water. It easily slips on and is fully adjustable for a superb fit.

Use the Velcro and clips to secure the Hurtta Dog Life Savior Jacket Canada in place and prevent shifting while your dog moves around in the water. There is a handle located on top of the vest that lets you easily pull your pup from the water or assist the dog across a slippery shoreline. The
high visibility colour choices ensure that your dog is easy to spot in the water or on land.

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