Hurtta Cooling Vest

When the mercury starts to rise, it’s time to turn to the Hurtta Cooling Vest to bring your pup’s core body temperature down and restore comfort. The lightweight Hurtta Cooling Wrap features a moisture-wicking liner with mesh knit fabric which makes it highly absorbent. Pour cool, refreshing water on the Hurtta Cooling Wrap design, and let the cooling wrap keep your dog cool and comfortable on your next outdoor summer activity.

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The Hurtta dog cooling vest is the ultimate cool-down garment for your furry friend. When your pup is out walking or hiking, he probably starts to overheat quickly. It is imperative that you bring the animal’s core temperature down. The Hurtta cooling dog vest provides the cooldown your pup needs so he can continue to enjoy the day without overheating.

The Hurtta Cooling Vest for dogs doubles as a Hurtta cooling harness because there is attachable hardware to hook a leash. The vest provides ultimate comfort to your dog when you are out on the trail or taking a walk along a hot roadway where the temperatures can rise quickly. Using a Cooling Wrap Hurtta garment helps to keep your dog's body temperature down to prevent dangerous dog overheating and make your dog's favourite summer activities more enjoyable.

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