Hurtta Replacement Buckle

by Hurtta
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  • Extend the life of your coat
  • Easy DIY at-home fix
  • Buckles may be black or gray depending on stock availability
  • Available in various sizes

Hurtta products are made with high-quality standards. However, accidents can happen and if you ever need to replace an old or broken buckle, you can now do it by getting a Hurtta Replacement Buckle. It is a moderately easy fix that will allow you to do it yourself at home; however, if you find it a little challenging, please seek the assistance of a seamstress or shoemaker to replace it.

The buckles may be black or gray depending on stock availability, you won't be able to choose the colour but don't worry, both of these neutral colours will go with everything! Please see the specification tab for more information about sizing for this product, as well as the instructions video.

Size Guide

Buckle Size Strap Width
Small 1/2 in
Medium 3/4 in
Large 1 in
X-Large 1 1/4 in



Measure the width of the belt and order a new buckle to replace the damaged one.

Are both sides of the buckle damaged, or would replacing one side suffice? If both sides need to be replaced, the manufacturer recommends contacting a local tailor for assistance.

Replacing just one side of the buckle on the belt strap is easy to change yourself. If the end of the tape is not attached by stitches, thread the broken buckle part off the strap, replace it with a new buckle part, and thread the belt strap back. The end of the belt strap is finished with a stitch. Remove the stitches or cut the end of the strap. If you are cutting the strap, finish by burning the edge to prevent the threads from unwinding further. Remove the broken part, replace it with a new buckle piece, and thread the belt strap once again. The end of the strap does not need to be sewn onto the adjustment buckle.

Please note that the buckle may show up as Black or Grey, you won't be able to specify a colour. For more information about the replacement process, visit Hurtta Care and Repair Buckle Fix.