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  1. PetSafe 2-Way Locking Cat Flap
    PetSafe 2-Way Locking Cat Flap
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  2. PetSafe 4 Way Locking Big Cat Door
    PetSafe 4 Way Locking Big Cat Door
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  3. PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door
    PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door
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Cat Doors FAQs

What are cat doors and how do they work?

A cat door is a small opening that can be installed on a door or wall, allowing your cat to come and go as they please. They typically work by using a flap that can be pushed open by your cat's head or body and then falls back into place, keeping out unwanted animals.

What are the benefits of installing a cat door?

Installing a cat door can provide many benefits for both you and your cat. Your cat will be free to go outside or come back inside whenever they want, and you won't have to worry about constantly letting them in or out. It can also prevent accidents and injuries that may occur when your cat tries to sneak out or in through a door.

How do I choose the right cat door for my cat and home?

When choosing a cat door, consider your cat's size and weight, the thickness of the door or wall where the cat door will be installed, and the type of locking mechanism you prefer. It is also important to choose a cat door that is weather-resistant and durable.

How difficult is it to install a cat door?

The difficulty of installation will depend on the type of cat door you choose and the material of the door or wall where it will be installed. Some cat doors require professional installation, while others can be installed easily with basic tools and instructions.

Can a cat door be installed in an apartment or rental property?

It is important to check with your landlord or property manager before installing a cat door in a rental property. Some may not allow it, while others may require specific types of cat doors or installation methods.

Are there any safety concerns with using a cat door?

There is a slight risk of unwanted animals or intruders entering your home through a cat door. However, most modern cat doors come with locking mechanisms or can be locked manually to prevent this from happening. It is important to regularly check the cat door and make sure it is working properly and securely.

Cat Doors

Do you have an indoor/outdoor cat? One that loves to bask in the sun during the day and snuggle in bed with you at night? Or maybe you’re looking for a more convenient way to let your cat into your garage, laundry room, or other area to access their food bowls or litter box. If either of these scenarios rings true for you, having a cat door is a necessity!

We treat our cats to premium wet food, cat treats, scratching posts and cat toys. But a cat door is one of those cat accessories that’s just as much of a treat for you as it is for them!

Cat doors make life easier. Being the sometimes mischievous and high maintenance pets they are, cats don’t care how many times you have to get up to let them in or out. Having a cat door that allows them to come and go as they please saves you several trips to the backdoor!

Shop a variety of high quality cat doors at Homes Alive Pets. We carry only the top rated brands for cat food, litter and litter accessories, bowls and feeders, and other cat supplies. Petsafe is one of the trusted brands we are proud to supply for the pet doors, training aids, and feeding supplies.

For indoor use, try the Petsafe 2-Way Locking Cat Flap. This cat door is a durable option that comes with a sliding lock for times you need to keep your pet in or out. Petsafe 4-Way Locking Cat Door is another option that allows you to choose between setting the lock for in-door only, out-door only, or open/locked both ways.

The Petsafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door is another alternative that works for both dogs and cats. This one is easy to install and comes with a sliding panel to keep it closed.

Shop Homes Alive Pets for everything you need to keep your pet happy, healthy and thriving. We provide our customers with only the best cat food, toys and accessories, as well as premium dog food, dog treats, and other essential supplies!