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Hurtta harnesses are designed with comfort and security in mind. The ergonomic no-pull dog harness protects your pup from shoulder or neck problems by spreading the weight and pressure across the wider parts of your dog's chest, giving you more control and teaching your dog better walking habits. With the Hurtta Harness Canada line, you’ll find the perfect dog hiking harness for any adventure. The many adjustments on your new Hurtta Dog Harness let you ensure the perfect fit, so your dog is both comfortable and safe during any outing.

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  1. Hurtta Weekend Warrior Harness
    Hurtta Venture No-Pull Harness
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  2. Hurtta Weekend Warrior Eco Harness - Set
    Hurtta Weekend Warrior Eco Harness
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  3. Hurtta Weekend Warrior Harness
    Hurtta Weekend Warrior Harness
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Hurtta Dog Harnesses

The Hurtta Weekend Warrior Harness is a general-purpose harness suitable for everyday use. Designed from breathable mesh, it features two buckle clips so you can slip the harness over the head and then tailor the fit with four adjustable points. Fashioned from Houndtex lamination that is fully waterproof, it has a soft inner lining that prevents chafing or overheating. The exterior of the harness has reflective material to ensure visibility in low light conditions. There is also a stainless-steel ring to attach the leash alongside a handle so you can always gain rapid control of your canine.

Is your dog an exuberant puller? If so, try the Hurtta No Pull Harness. The comfortable design makes this harness a favourite for everyday wear. It features neoprene waterproof padding coupled with dirt-repellent PES fabric and PES 3D material to prevent chafing and overheating. The built-in handle assists with training and helps you reduce your dog’s desire to pull.

If you are seeking a tough harness then check out the Hurtta Weekend Warrior Eco Harness. The double harness design’s tensile strength has undergone extensive testing during the development stage to ensure not only quality but functionality. The Hurtta Eco harness slips over the dog’s head and provides full adjustability for optimum performance and fit no matter your dog’s size.

Make sure you find the perfect fit with this helpful video for sizing Hurtta Harnesses. Check out our full selection of Hurtta Dog Gear for your next dog-friendly adventure. Shop other dog accessories, dog food, dog toys, dog treats and more here at Homes Alive Pets.