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  1. Kuma Lazy Bear Dog Bed
    Kuma Lazy Bear Dog Bed
    Starting From: $119.99 Our Price: $119.99
  2. Ruffwear Highlands Pad
    Ruffwear Highlands Pad
    Starting From: $42.99 Our Price: $42.99
  3. Ruffwear Basecamp Mat
    Ruffwear Basecamp Mat
    Our Price: $31.99
  4. Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag
    Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag
    Starting From: $107.99 Our Price: $107.99
  5. Kurgo Loft Wander Dog Bed in Vehicle
    Kurgo Loft Wander Dog Bed
    Starting From: $83.99 Our Price: $83.99
  6. Kuma Lazy Bear Dog Blanket
    Kuma Lazy Bear Dog Blanket
    Our Price: $39.99
  7. Tiny Tents Sky Blue Tiny Tent
    Tiny Tents Sky Blue Tiny Tent
    Our Price: $34.99
  8. Tall Tails Waterwoof Pad - Close-up
    Tall Tails Waterwoof Pad
    List Price: $20.79 Our Price: $20.49 Our Price: $20.49 You Save: $0.30 (1%)
  9. Tiny Tents Berry Tiny Tent
    Tiny Tents Berry Tiny Tent
    Our Price: $34.99
  10. Tiny Tents Basecamp Dome Tent
    Tiny Tents Basecamp Dome Tent
    Our Price: $49.99
  11. Hurtta Outback Dreamer Eco
    Hurtta Outback Dreamer Eco
    Starting From: $144.99 Our Price: $144.99
  12. Tiny Tents Alpine Green Tiny Tent
    Tiny Tents Alpine Green Tiny Tent
    Our Price: $34.99

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Outdoor Dog Bed Frequently Asked Questions

Are outdoor dog beds waterproof?

Many outdoor dog beds are designed with waterproof or at least weatherproof materials to protect your pet from moisture and ensure they stay dry and comfortable outdoors.

Can I use outdoor dog beds for camping trips?

Absolutely, outdoor dog beds are perfect for camping. They are portable, lightweight, and provide a cozy resting place for your pet during outdoor adventures.

Are there outdoor dog beds with built-in canopies for shade?

While outdoor dog beds don’t typically provide shade or cover, you can combine your pet camping bed with a carrier, a dog tent, or a shade cover to ensure they can escape the sun, the rain, or just feel protected.

Can outdoor dog beds be used in cars for travel?

Yes, there are specific outdoor dog beds designed for car travel. These beds ensure your pet's safety and comfort during car rides, making the journey more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

How do I clean outdoor dog beds?

Cleaning outdoor dog beds is usually easy. Most have removable, machine-washable covers, and the frames can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, allowing for simple maintenance and hygiene.

Are outdoor dog beds suitable for all dog breeds and sizes?

Yes, outdoor dog beds come in various sizes and styles, accommodating different breeds and sizes of dogs. Choosing a bed that matches your dog's size and weight is important for optimal comfort.

Shop Outdoor Dog Beds in Canada

Outdoor dog beds have become an essential accessory for pet owners who love to spend time outdoors with their furry companions. These specialized beds are designed to provide dogs with a comfortable and cozy place to rest while enjoying the great outdoors.

Whether camping or spending a long day at a park on a picnic - Fido needs a comfortable place to stretch out.

One of the key features of outdoor dog beds is their versatility. Made from durable and water-resistant materials, these beds protect against moisture, ensuring your pet stays dry even in unexpected weather conditions. You never have to worry about your pooch laying on the cold, wet, hard ground.

For adventurous pet owners who enjoy outdoor camping trips, camping dog beds are a must-have item. These portable beds are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for outdoor excursions.

Whether you're setting up a campsite or spending a day at the beach, your canine friend can relax comfortably on a camping dog bed, providing a designated space for them to unwind.

Outdoor dog beds cater to the diverse needs of pet owners, offering waterproof features, portability for camping adventures, and shaded comfort through tent designs. Investing in a high-quality outdoor dog bed enhances your pet's outdoor experience and provides a relaxing space to enjoy nature alongside their beloved human companions.

Small dogs love adventures too, so try a TinyTent Dog Bed for your next camping trip. These miniature tents give your dog a space to feel safe and provide protection from the elements.

Do you love camping with your dog? Don’t forget to bring a dog camping bed or a dog sleeping bag, which provides exceptional sleeping comfort even on a backcountry overnight trek.

Shop our full selection of dog beds to help you find a comfortable spot for your pooch to catch some z’s. Get the best dog beds, treats, food and more delivered right to your door or stop by any of our Alberta or BC locations.