World's Best

World's Best Cat Litter creates eco-friendly, natural cat litter formulas that meet and even exceed your expectations for a quality litter. Their patented process uses corn as the ultra absorbent base and converts it into condensed particles that are lightweight, 99% dust free, safe to flush, quick clumping, and easy to scoop. Not to mention, this litter has incredible odour control as well as some scented formulas to keep your cat's litter box smelling fresh. World's Best lets you use less in order to get more. What more could you ask for in a cat litter?

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World's Best Cat Litter

Your cat deserves the best, and you want to give it to him, so why stop with his litter? If you're looking for a home-healthy litter that offers odor control and is dust-free, look no further than World's Best Cat Litter. Known as being one of the best flushable cat litter options on the market, World’s Best will revolutionize the way you look at litter box duty forever.

Not all matter is created equal. With World's Best, you’ll get these attractive features:

Outstanding Odor Control. Stop living with a stinky litter box. World’s Best provides incredible odor control that keeps smells trapped deep inside the litter. Living with your indoor cat doesn’t have to stink.

Quick Clumping. Litter should be easy to scoop. World’s Best clumps easily around messes for easy scooping - no more scraping buildup off the bottom of your box with this litter.

Dust-Free Formulation. Stop inhaling litter box dust and enjoy a better quality of life. World’s Best is dust-free and made without silica particles.

Lightweight. Getting the litter into the house shouldn’t be a workout. World’s Best is lightweight and easy to pour and manage.

Flushable. Stop bagging your used cat litter. World’s Best is tested and proven safe for septic and sewer systems.

Ready to find a better cat litter? Look no further than World’s Best. Designed to be a favorite formula for both you and your cat, World’s Best Cat Litter is a fantastic addition to your household and everyday life.