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You want to give your dog the room he needs to explore and run with the safety of an enclosure. Our dog exercise pens and gates give security with a little freedom for puppies and beyond.

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  1. Smart Pet Love 8 Panel Exercise Pen
    Smart Pet Love 8-Panel Exercise Pen
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  2. Baxter & Bella Soft Playpen
    Baxter & Bella Soft Playpen
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Dog Pens and Gates

Is a dog pen better than a crate?

During the day, a doggy pen typically is the best option. Crates are good at night since you want your puppy to sleep. Confining to a small space will make it more likely that he wakes you up if he needs to go to the bathroom.

Are dog playpens good for dogs?

A dog playpen may not be at the top of your list, but this is actually very useful! They serve as a way to contain your dog, while giving plenty of space to play and move around. What is the best dog pen?

How do I choose a dog gate?

The best dog gates should be the right size and style for your dog and your space. Look for options that are easy to install and use too. The more durable the gate is, the safe your pet will be.

What should dogs always have access to?

Water. Whether your dog is in a crate or playpen, she should always have water to keep your dog hydrated. This will lower the risk of dehydration. Clean fresh water must be available on demand.

What can you put on the bottom of the gate so dogs can't get out?

You can cover the gaps in your dog gate by putting mesh over the panels of a gate. However, if you choose the right dog gate with easy installation, you probably won't have to worry about your dog escaping through gaps.

What is the best dog pen?

The Baxter & Bella Soft Playpen is the best pen for your dog. Soft and comfy, your dog will love playing in this playpen, and you’ll love knowing your pup is safe and sound, and not getting into any trouble. It’s soft and foldable, aking it the perfect place for safe play no matter where you and your dog are!