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You want to give your dog the room he needs to explore and run with the safety of an enclosure. Our dog exercise pens and gates give security with a little freedom for puppies and beyond.

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  1. Baxter & Bella Soft Playpen
    Baxter & Bella Soft Playpen
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Shop Dog Pens & Gates in Canada

Dog pens have a bark load of uses. Some are used as a second option to crates, allowing your dog to move freely in an open area while still keeping him in his place. They can be used to restrict your pup’s access to dangerous or fragile zones in the house. Other dog pens are used to carve out a specified play space.

Dog pens can be used indoors as well as outdoors. They can create long barriers for walling, but can also be confined tightly and used as a gate for training!

Homes Alive Pets offers a wide selection of dog pens and gates. Shop from great companies including Precision and Carlson, to name a few.

We offer Precision’s Exercise Pens in a range of different sizes. The size of the proper pen depends of course on the size of your dog. The bigger the dog, the bigger the pen. Precision offers small dog pens, dog pens for medium sized dogs, as well as large dog pens.

You can find Carlson products at Homes Alive as well. In addition to the variety of gates to contain your pooch, try the Carlson Convertible Pet Yard for a 2-in-1 gate-exercise pen combo. Other premium brands for dog accessories include Baxter and Bella and Dogit. The Baxter and Bella Soft Playpen is made of fabric rather than metal bars. It’s easy to set up the playpen and move it when you need to.

Whether you’re in need of a little extra help training a new puppy or setting some boundaries with your dog, pet pens and gates are a helpful way to do so! Shop dog pens and other pet necessities at Homes Alive Pets. We carry only the top rated brands for dog food, dog toys, dog treats, cat food, cat treats and much more.