As fellow dog lovers, we know that your dog provides you with joy and happiness (and maybe some frustrations, too). Dogs make us laugh, they help us live healthier lives, and they are our loyal companions. It's natural for us to want to provide our dogs with the best care that we possibly can.

Homes Alive Pets helps you care for your dog by providing the best dog food, healthy dog treats, dog toys, and dog supplements from trusted brands (many of which are Canadian). Whether your dog has allergies, a sensitive stomach, or maybe they are just picky, we have the best selection of dog kibble, freeze-dried dog food, and canned dog food in a variety of proteins and formulas. Homes Alive Pets is here to provide you with all the help you need through every life stage of your dog's life.

We also have a wide variety of dog treats to keep them feeling rewarded, focused and excited to learn skills and behaviours. Whether you are looking for natural chews like Bully Sticks, or training treats, we have a huge selection to provide you with the right options for your pup.

If your dog isn't motivated by treats, we have an ever-growing selection of dog toys for your dog's preferences. Playtime is definitely important for your dog's wellbeing. It provides your dog with exercise and encourages mobility to prevent future health issues. Choose between ball toys, plush toys, dog puzzles, chew toys, and many more brands that you love, like ZippyPaws and Kong.

Whatever you need to provide your pooch with a healthy and happy life, Homes Alive Pets has the best dog products your dog will love.

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  6. Dog ID Tags Dog ID Tags
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