Thrive Diatomaceous Earth

by Thrive
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  • All-natural food-grade diatomaceous earth
  • Can aid with reducing fleas and ticks when applied topically on fur
  • Rich in silica - when mixed into your pet's food can help with coat thickness and nail care
  • Suitable for cats and dogs of all life stages and breeds
  • Available in a 120 g container

Thrive Diatomaceous Earth is an all-natural supplement that contains a fine powder that will aid your pet with a natural flea and tick control. Made with 100% organic, certified food-grade diatomaceous earth, a product that is comprised of hard shell algae called diatoms, this powder can be used topically or mixed into your dog's food. As a topical treatment, the finely grounded shells of the diatoms will pierce the exoskeleton of the fleas and ticks on your pet's skin, causing them to lose moisture and perish over time. Added to your pet's food will aid with giving your pet a thick coat and with nail health due to diatoms being rich in silica dioxide. 

This supplement is suitable for cats and dogs of all life stages and breeds. Please see the specifications tab for more information. Available in a 120 g container.


As a topical treatment: Sprinkle the product onto your pet's fur and rub it into the coat, ears and belly area gently. Diatomaceous Earth can also be applied to the bedding.

Added to your pets food: 

Weight Daily portions (tsp/day)
10 1/2
20 1
40 2
60 3
80 4
100 5

Mix into your pet's food daily for up to thirty days, once mixed please serve immediately. 


100% Pure, Certified Organic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth