Regarding Modern Slavery

Structure & Activities

Homes Alive Pets is an Alberta-based company specializing in the provision of pet food, treats, accessories, and expert advice for pet owners in western Canada. Incorporated in 2007, Homes Alive Pets has expanded its operations to include 8 retail stores. The company currently employs over 200 dedicated individuals committed to delivering superior products and services to pet owners throughout the western Canada.

Our Supply Chain

Our supply chain is characterized by its complexity, owing to the wide variety of products we offer, the international nature of our sourcing, and the involvement of suppliers at multiple levels. While the majority of our primary suppliers are located in Canada and the United States, we also collaborate with suppliers from several countries in Europe, South America, and Asia.

Identifying Risks

While we continuously evaluate risks within our supply chain, our vision is limited beyond the first tier of suppliers. The greatest risk of forced labor and child labor exists among Tier 3 suppliers and those further down the supply chain, as achieving complete traceability, monitoring, and control at these levels is challenging. Some suppliers are in regions with strong labor regulations, while others are in areas with weaker regulatory frameworks and enforcement, heightening the risk of forced labor and child labor. In the following sections, we detail the steps we are taking to assess and mitigate these risks, and how we work with our suppliers to address issues and foster ongoing improvements.

Mobilization and Training

We recognize the importance of responsible product procurement and the value of focusing on Canadian-made products. Additionally, we have recently formed a partnership with Group Legault Ltd. out of Quebec, which will bring significant synergies to our efforts. This collaboration will help us establish a more robust plan of action and effectively implement improvements across our supply chain and operations.

Due Diligence Processes

Our partners at Group Legault Ltd have conducted a comprehensive audit during the Reporting Period to evaluate the practices of our suppliers. Their dedicated team, including members from their procurement department, is actively developing a detailed survey to distribute to our suppliers. This survey covers a wide range of topics, including working conditions of employees, supply chain audits, and actions taken in response to non-compliance. Once the survey is fully implemented, the collected data will be aggregated to assign a performance score to each supplier based on their practices. This scoring system will provide us with a better understanding of our supply chain, enabling us to identify and mitigate risks associated with lower-tier suppliers. Throught out this process, we aim to enhance collaboration, increase awareness, and uphold our commitment to sustainable and ethical standards.

Our Policies

Our agreements with suppliers mandate that they must not engage in, either directly or indirectly, any form of child labor or violations of fundamental human rights. Additionally, our employees are required to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and adhere to a code of conduct that demands ethical behavior and integrity. To further enhance our vigilance and accountability, we are considering the implementation of an internal policy specifically focused on addressing forced labor and child labor in our company or Supply chain. This policy would outline our commitment to ethical labor practices and provide guidelines and procedures to prevent and address any occurrences of forced labor or child labor within our supply chain.

Remediation Measures

As of the date of this Report, we have not identified any instances of forced labor or child labor. Consequently, we have not had to implement any corrective actions or provide remediation for any loss of income to vulnerable families due to measures taken to eliminate the use of forced labor or child labor in our operations or supply chains.

Effectiveness Assessment

We have implemented several measures to prevent and mitigate the risks of forced labor and child labor within our Tier 1 supply chain and are committed to enhancing these measures and wherever needs or weaknesses are identified. We will evaulate our policies and processes, as they relate to this report,on an annual basis.

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Last Revised May 31st, 2024