Hands-Free Dog Leashes

These hands-free leashes won't stop you from being active with your dog. With these alternatives, your activities won't be limited to a simple walk through the park.

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  1. Ruffwear Omnijore Dog Joring System
    Ruffwear Omnijore Dog Joring System
    Starting From: $182.99 Our Price: $182.99
  2. Ruffwear Flagline Dog Leash
    Ruffwear Flagline Dog Leash
    Starting From: $31.99 Our Price: $31.99
  3. Canada Pooch Utility Handsfree Dog Walking Belt
    Canada Pooch Utility Handsfree Dog Walking Belt
    Our Price: $74.99
  4. Canada Pooch Utility Leash
    Canada Pooch Utility Leash
    Starting From: $54.99 Our Price: $54.99
  5. Canada Pooch Hands-Free Dog Walking Carabiner
    Canada Pooch Hands-Free Dog Walking Carabiner
    Our Price: $19.99
  6. Hurtta Multi Long Leash Eco
    Hurtta Multi Long Leash Eco
    Our Price: $61.99
  7. Sherpa Cycleash Universal Bicycle Leash
    Sherpa Cycleash Universal Bicycle Leash
    List Price: $200.99 Our Price: $139.99 Our Price: $139.99 You Save: $61.00 (30%)
  8. Ruffwear Hitch Hiker Leash
    Ruffwear Hitch Hiker Leash
    Starting From: $69.99 Our Price: $69.99

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Hands Free Dog Leash FAQs

Are hands-free leashes good for dogs?

Hands-free leashes can be a good option for active dog owners who want to go for runs, hikes or other activities with their dogs. They allow you to have your hands free while still maintaining control of your dog.

How do I make my dog leash hands-free?

To make a dog leash hands-free, you can purchase a hands-free leash or convert a regular leash into a hands-free one. This can be done by purchasing a waist belt or harness with a D-ring attachment for the leash, allowing you to attach the leash to your body.

Are hands-free leads safe?

When used properly, hands-free leads can be safe for both dogs and their owners. However, it's important to choose a hands-free leash that is designed for your dog's size and strength and ensure that it is properly attached to your waist or body.

How does hands-free leash work?

Hands-free leashes work by attaching to a belt or harness worn by the owner, allowing the leash to be worn around the waist or across the chest. This leaves the owners hands-free while still allowing them to control their dogs.

What is the best length for a hands-free dog leash?

The best length for a hands-free leash will depend on your dog's size and the activity you'll be doing. For example, a shorter leash may be better for running or hiking, while a longer leash may be more suitable for walking or obedience training.

Are hands-free dog leashes good for your body?

Using a hands-free dog leash can distribute weight evenly across your body and reduce strain on your arms and back, making it a good option for dog owners with physical limitations or injuries. However, it's important to choose a comfortable and adjustable leash and take breaks when necessary.

Shop Hands Free Dog Leashes in Canada

Popular dog-friendly activities like jogging or hiking with dogs can be made simpler with a hands-free dog leash. Connecting your dog’s leash to a running belt or using a multi-purpose leash leaves your hands free to use gear like trekking poles, carry a water bottle, and help you keep your balance on rocky or uneven terrain.

A top accessory for biking, skiing or skateboarding with dogs is the Ruffwear Jorring system. The comfortable belt helps to distribute tension evenly from your dog and includes a 21 oz water bottle and water bottle holder and a pouch for carrying extra items for you and your pooch. The shock-absorbing leash will prevent you from getting pulled around by your dog's sudden movements so you can both enjoy your trail adventure.

Some adventures require gear that can fill many functions. A multi-purpose leash is a great option for camping, hiking, and any adventures that may present a variety of environments and situations. The Ruffwear Hitch Hiker Leash can be used as a regular leash, a hands free leash, or a tie out around a tree or post. Plus, it doubles as a fashionable and convenient fanny pack when you don’t need a hands free dog leash Canada.

Some dogs need more exercise than we can keep up with. Biking with your dog is a great way to let you keep up with dogs that can run much faster and longer than you. The Sherpa Cycleash Universal Bicycle Leash is a safe and effective hands free leash system to keep your dog a safe distance from your bike and tires. The aluminum frame and strong bungee leash reduce shock from pulling and sudden movements.

The Kurgo Quantum 6-in-1 Leash is a good option for more casual walks. This leash can be used in 6 different ways to make sure that it’s the most effective and most comfortable option for walking your dog. As a hands free dog leash, it can be worn around your waist or over the shoulder, courier style. The adjustable and versatile leash has a padded handle for your comfort, a custom carabiner to switch functions, and even a bottle opener.

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