Leather Dog Leashes

If you are looking for the most durable dog leash, then consider a leather dog leash. Genuine leather leashes are strong, soft, and muck-resistant. If your dog is a canine fashionista, then the classic and sleek look of a leather leash for dogs is just what you need. The strength of a dog leather leash is great for strong breeds that are tough on their gear.

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Shop Leather Dog Leashes in Canada

Many dog leashes and collars will work for everyday use, but none are more durable and stylish than a leather dog leash. Genuine leather dog leashes are much more durable than nylon and other fabrics for bigger dogs and strong pullers. Additionally, a genuine dog leather leash or a faux leather leash gives your dog’s gear a sleek and classic look.

If you are looking for a leather dog leash Canada, then check out top brands like Angel Pet Supplies. The soft and durable Angel Alpine Leather Dog Leashes is made from 100% genuine leather. Check out selection of leather dog collars to get a matching set.

Shop all our top dog leashes Canada, including hands free dog leashes, rope dog leashes, and more dog walking accessories in Canada.

Leather Dog Leash FAQs

Why are leather leashes better? Unlike other materials, leather leashes are very durable and won't tear or fray over time. These are ideal for strong dogs that pull and puppies that try to nibble their leash.

How do you break in a leather dog leash? Some leather leashes will be very stiff at first but will soften after some use. Our favourite leather leashes from Angel Pet Supplies are made from soft Australian cowhide to ensure comfort from the first day you try them.