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  1. Ruffwear Flagline Dog Harness
    Ruffwear Flagline Dog Harness
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  2. Ruffwear Web Master Harness
    Ruffwear Web Master Harness
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  3. Kurgo Up and About Dog Lifter
    Kurgo Up and About Dog Lifter
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Dog Lifting Harness FAQs

What is a dog lifting harness?

A dog lifting harness is a type of equipment designed to assist dogs with mobility issues or injuries. It allows you to lift your dog safely and comfortably, providing support and reducing the risk of further injury.

How do I choose the right size for my dog's lifting harness?

To choose the right size for your dog's lifting harness, measure the circumference of their chest just behind their front legs, and then compare that measurement to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. It's important to ensure a snug fit without being too tight or uncomfortable for your dog.

Can I use a lifting harness to help my dog climb stairs?

Yes, a lifting harness can be a helpful tool for assisting your dog with climbing stairs, especially if they have mobility issues or injuries. However, always consult with your veterinarian before using a lifting harness to ensure that it is appropriate for your dog's specific needs and condition.

Are lifting harnesses safe for dogs?

Yes, lifting harnesses can be a safe and effective way to assist your dog with mobility issues or injuries, provided that they are used properly and fitted correctly. Always consult with your veterinarian before using a lifting harness to ensure that it is appropriate for your dog's specific needs and condition.

Can I wash my dog's lifting harness?

Yes, most dog lifting harnesses can be hand-washed or machine-washed. Always check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that you are cleaning the harness properly and not damaging the materials.

Where can I buy a dog lifting harness?

You can buy dog lifting harnesses at Homes Alive Pets. We ship all our dog lifting harnesses and equipment Canada-wide.

Shop Dog Lifting Harnesses in Canada

Sometimes your dog needs a little help getting around, and these lifting harnesses will have you covered. The convenient handle makes for easy lifting, and the harness distributes weight evenly to ensure comfort for your pup. Perfect for mature or injured dogs, these lifting harnesses provide support while still allowing full range of motion.

 Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and dogs are no exception. For your injured or aging dog, these lifting harnesses are a great support option without sacrificing comfort or simplicity. Built to help you help your dog with everyday activities such as maneuvering stairs, jumping onto furniture, and getting into the car, these harnesses allow you to take some pressure off your dog’s joints. By grabbing onto the handle, you can alleviate pressure and take the weight off of your pup, which enables faster healing for injuries and less stress on old joints. 

If you’re looking for a sling to support most of your dog’s weight, consider the Kurgo Up and About Dog Lifter. The wide padded design allows you to lift large dogs into cars, onto furniture, or upstairs with ease. The front chest strap helps to stabilize your dog and prevent slippage.

If your dog just needs a little help on walks and rougher terrain, the Ruffwear Flagline harness. This multi-purpose dog harness has a durable handle to give your dog a little extra support while still offering all the form and function of a dog hiking harness.

If your dog needs regular support on walks and adventures, the Webmaster harness may be right for you. The padded chest, belly, and straps make it more comfortable and safer to lift your dog using this fully functional dog harness.

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