Ruffwear Flagline Dog Harness

by Ruffwear
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  • Multipurpose dog harness
  • Three adjustable points for a fully customizable fit
  • V-ring or front and back webbed loops to securely attach a leash
  • Long design belly and chest panel to protect from debris and relieve tension
  • Reflective material for increased visibility
  • Light loop attachment on handle for greater visibility on the trail
  • Available in six colours and a variety of sizes

A multi-purpose harness, the Ruffwear Flagline Harness was specially designed to stand up to rugged outdoor activities while providing extra assistance for difficult terrain or crossing rivers and streams. The comfortable harness is fashioned from 150 denier polyester ripstop and has 75 denier polyester lining that repels dirt and dog fur. The three adjustment points on each side let you customize the harness to perfectly fit your dog’s body shape. There are two molecular-weight polyethylene webbing loops, one at the chest and one at the back, or an anodized 6061-T6 aluminum V-ring for leash attachment.

The easy-grip, padded handle lets you assist your dog across rough terrain when a small boost is needed. The chest belly panel helps with load distribution and eases tension when lifting your canine. Reflective material along the front panel helps improve visibility. You can also attach Ruffwear’s lights the Beacon or the Audible Beacon to keep better track of your pooch in low light or heavy brush.

The Flagline Harness is available in a wide assortment of sizes and six distinct colours. Please see specifications for additional information. Explore Ruffwear's full line of collars, harnesses, and seasonal and outdoor gear for any dog-friendly adventure ahead here.

Sizing Chart

Girth Size
33-43 cm (13-17") XXS
43-56 cm (17-22") XS
56-69 cm (22-27") S
69-81 cm (27-32") M
81-107 cm (32-42") L/XL



How to Measure Your Dog


  1. Muzzle Length
  2. Measure the length of the nose from the tip to the crook where you want the muzzle to sit comfortably below the eyes.

  3. Muzzle Width
  4. Measure the circumference of the muzzle at the widest part, leaving space for two fingers to ensure a comfortable fit.

  5. Neck
  6. Measure the circumference of the base, leaving enough space to comfortably fit two fingers.

  7. Leg Length
  8. Measure your dog from the top of the shoulder and hip to the floor.

  9. Chest Girth
  10. Measure the circumference of the widest part of the chest behind the front legs.

  11. Length
  12. Measure the length from the top of their shoulders to the base of their tail.

  13. Paw Width
  14. Measure the diameter of the widest part of the paw.


Get more tips for finding the perfect fit for your dog's adventure gear in How to Measure Your Dog.

Washing Instructions

Please secure all fasteners and handwash using a mild detergent in cold water. Please hang to dry and do not dry clean or use bleach on the product.