Kurgo Up and About Dog Lifter

by Kurgo
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  • For aging or injured dogs that need assistance with some daily activities
  • Allows full range of motion while providing support around the chest and rear areas
  • Strategic padded design ensures comfort when assistance is provided 
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Chest strap keeps the support in position and prevents slipping
  • Adjustable straps provide perfect fit for dogs 50 to 90 lbs

The Kurgo Up and About Dog Lifter provides your aging or injured dog the assistance they may need with daily activities like climbing stairs and entering cars without limiting their range of motion. A chest strap keeps the support in its proper position and evenly disperses the pressure when lifted. The soft padded body area is strategically designed to avoid discomfort when assistance is provided. If you do need to step in and help your dog, there is a padded neoprene handle for you to grasp. Adjustable straps on the top and bottom ensure comfort and a secure fit for dogs between 50 - 90 lbs with up to a 36" chest. Everyone needs help sometimes, and we are happy to provide it.

This dog lifter harness is designed for dogs 50-90 lbs with up to a 36” chest. For more information, please see the specifications tab. 


Hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle. Let air dry.


This product is meant as a lifting aid. It requires the physical ability to lift heavy objects. Do not use if you are injured or unable to lift heavy objects. Contact your vet with any concerns for your dog's health.