Dog Boots & Socks

Dog boots provide your dog’s paws with the protection they need every season—especially cold, Canadian winters. Winter dog boots, socks, paw balm, and other footwear are ideal for keeping your pet’s paw pads healthy no matter the weather. And what better way to keep your floors clean all year long?
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Shop the Best Dog Boots & Paw Balm for Every Occasion

Can you imagine running around every day without shoes on? Okay, your dog's paws aren't as sensitive as ours, but there are definitely times when they do need boots, and protection is necessary.

Luckily, we carry a wide selection of dog boots to choose from. Whether your dog has an injury you’re trying to protect, or you’re merely shopping for dog winter boots to protect those little feet from drying, cracking sidewalk salt, we’ve got the items you need. Shop our selection to find top-selling brands like Hurtta, Ruffwear, and Muttluks.

If you’re the “get out and adventure type, we’ve also got a wide selection of dog hiking boots and dog socks to choose from. These durable accessories protect your dog’s paw pads from sharp sticks and rocks, and cuts that could cut your day of adventure sort. If your pup gets snowballs stuck in his or her feet during the winter months, check out our selection of dog booties. Similar to those dog sledding professionals use on their teams of huskies, dog booties help prevent frostbite and other cold-related complications and help your dog’s feet stay comfortable and safe all winter long. 

Ready to find the perfect footwear for your furry friend? Check out our selection of dog booties and dog socks now. We’re sure we have the ideal fit for your needs.

If your dog isn’t a fan of wearing boots, you can still achieve paw protection with a paw balm like the Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax. Apply before heading outdoors during any season to give your pup’s paws an extra coating of protection from common elements like snow, ice, hot pavement, and salt. Fun fact—this paw balm can also be used on hot spots, snouts, ears and elbows!