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Dog Clothes and Apparel have become increasingly popular among dog owners, serving both functional and fashionable purposes. Make sure your dog is prepared for any weather by shopping our wide selection of dog clothes and apparel. Whether you're looking for a cozy sweater, a practical raincoat, or a stylish bandana, our range of dog clothes offers something for every occasion and season. Made with quality materials and attention to detail, our clothes are not just stylish but also functional, ensuring your furry friend looks and feels their best. Browse the wide selection that Homes Alive Pets has to offer of dog clothing and apparel below!

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  1. Hurtta Extreme Warmer V2
    Hurtta Extreme Warmer V2
    Starting From: $118.99 Our Price: $118.99
  2. Hurtta Razzle-Dazzle Midlayer Coat
    Hurtta Razzle-Dazzle Midlayer Coat
    Starting From: $78.99 Our Price: $78.99
  3. Hurtta Expedition Parka - Set
    Hurtta Expedition Parka
    Starting From: $105.99 Our Price: $105.99
  4. Ruffwear Furness Jacket
    Ruffwear Furness Jacket
    Starting From: $139.99 Our Price: $139.99
  5. Hurtta Extreme Overall
    Hurtta Extreme Overall
    Starting From: $135.99 Our Price: $135.99
  6. Canada Pooch Prism Puffer Vest
    Canada Pooch Prism Puffer Vest
    Starting From: $47.99 Our Price: $47.99
  7. Canada Pooch Ultimate Stretch Vest
    Canada Pooch Ultimate Stretch Vest
    Starting From: $47.99 Our Price: $47.99
  8. Silver Paw Fonda Dog Puffer Jacket
    Silver Paw Fonda Dog Puffer Jacket
    Starting From: $49.99 Our Price: $49.99
  9. Silver Paw Whistler Dog Snowsuit
    Silver Paw Whistler Dog Snowsuit
    Starting From: $59.99 Our Price: $59.99
  10. Canada Pooch Waterproof Puffer
    Canada Pooch Waterproof Puffer
    Starting From: $108.99 Our Price: $108.99
  11. Canada Pooch The Snow Suit
    Canada Pooch The Snow Suit
    Starting From: $70.99 Our Price: $70.99
  12. Hurtta Extreme Warmer Eco
    Hurtta Extreme Warmer Eco
    Starting From: $130.99 Our Price: $130.99

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Dog Clothes FAQs

Should dogs wear clothes?

Not every dog needs clothes, but many dogs benefit from clothes depending on the weather. Choose dog clothing that is appropriate to the temperature, environment, and your dog's favourite activities.

Is it safe to dress dogs in clothes?

It is generally safe to dress dogs in clothes as long as the clothes are appropriate for the dog's size, breed, and needs. Clothes can provide warmth, protection, and style, especially in cold or rainy weather or for dogs with skin conditions or allergies.

Do dogs like wearing clothes?

Most dogs need some practice and encouragement to get used to wearing dog clothes. If you choose dog clothes that have a practical purpose, most dogs learn to appreciate the benefits that dog clothes give them.

Do dog clothes help dogs with anxiety?

Dogs that suffer from anxiety may benefit from wearing some types of dog clothes. Similar to the effects of a compression vest, some dogs may find the gentle compression and warmth of dog clothes to be soothing.

What are the best dog clothes?

Choosing the best dog clothes depends on your dog's needs and preferences, as well as the climate and activity level. Dog coats and boots are ideal for colder weather, while sweaters and rain gear might be better suited to spring and fall temperatures.

Shop Dog Clothes & Apparel in Canada

Whether you are trying to keep your dog warm, dry, or just looking fresh, you'll find something awesome in our collection of Dog Clothes and other Dog Apparel. When the seasons change and the weather starts to cool, having the right dog clothing can make or break your dog's outdoor routine.

No matter the weather, you'll find the apparel needed to keep your dog warm and comfortable in cool and wet weather.

Practical dog clothes don't have to be boring. Sweaters, Hoodies, and Bandanas for Dogs are a great way to add a little personal style to your dog's wardrobe. And no outfit is complete with doggy shoes.

You'll find dog boots for winter, hiking, and heat protection and non-slip dog socks for indoor use for all your dog's favourite adventures. Shop our full selection of dog clothes, jackets, parkas, hoodies, and much more doggy apparel.

Whether you want to dress your dog up to look cute or for a special function or need to keep Fido comfy when the mercury plunges, at Homes Alive Pets, we carry a full line of dog clothes to meet your needs. We carry a full range of dog clothing for all seasons and all occasions at prices that will fit any budget.

From luxury dog formal wear to sweatshirts for dogs, canine rain gear, and more, you’ll find a wide assortment to fit your needs. Dog fashion at an affordable price is a fun way to keep your pup cozy while looking trendy. Why not load up on dog clothes for all special occasions such as holidays?

Buy Stylish Dog Clothes in Canada

Practical dog attire doesn't have to be boring. Why not dress your pet up in something that shows off their style? Buy designer dog clothes that fit your dog’s personality and sense of style.

You'll find plenty of seasonal outfits for doggies, including winter gear, rain gear, cooling gear and more dog clothing for all types of Canadian weather. At Homes Alive Pets, you’ll find all of the leading dog apparel Canada brands that offer adorable and practical styles. We offer only the best dog clothes to keep your pup comfortable and looking sharp.

Probably the number one reason owners seek dog clothes and accessories is to keep their pup warm during the cold months. Canada winters are harsh, so functional clothing designed for warmth is necessary.

Shop Dog Clothes for All Seasons

Keeping your dog's body core temperature comfortable is imperative. You not only want your pooch to look adorable and stylish with dog clothes, but you also want your doggo to feel happy and toasty.

With dog clothes Canada, you’ll want to pick apparel that provides core warmth from the cold winter weather and the wet seasons. Winter dog clothes should not only look good but keep your pup comfortable by helping your canine regulate body temperature.

No matter the season, you'll find the outfits needed to keep your dog warm and comfortable in cool and wet weather. Rain can happen at any time, so pick dog rain apparel with a hood to keep your puppy's head dry.

Don't forget about summer dog apparel. The sun will overheat your furry friend and be brutal on the nose, ears and delicate skin around the eyes. A loose, comfortable jacket with a hood or a cute hat if you want to keep the price down. Dog clothes can afford a high level of sun protection for your pooch.

Check out our full selection of dog clothes, jackets, parkas, hoodies, and many more doggy get-ups. We even offer free shipping on certain orders!

Dog Clothes Sizing Guide

When shopping for the best regular or designer dog clothes online, you’ll want to know how to measure your dog for dog apparel to ensure the perfect fit.

Explore the size guides for each product, and make sure you measure the canine’s top line (back), neck diameter, leg length, and chest girth before picking out the correct size of dog fashion attire. You'll want to ensure the correct fit and sizes for big dog apparel and small dog apparel.

When the seasons change and the weather starts to cool, having the right dog clothing can make or break your dog's outdoor routine. You want your four-legged friend to be covered without feeling uncomfortable. Your canine buddy needs to have freedom in the rear and front legs to move effortlessly, even fully dressed.

Our best-selling winter coats, hiking boots, and hoodies for dogs are just a few of the basic dog apparel that can help your dog enjoy conquering nature no matter the weather.

If you are dressing up your dog for fun, comfort, or safety, our full selection of dog fashion has something for every pooch. Grab a whole wardrobe for your doggo!

You'll find dog clothing at Homes Alive Pets for every occasion. Explore our dog attire in stock from premium performance gear brands like Hurtta, Ruffwear and Canada Pooch, Canada's top dog fashion brand. Take stock of the Canada Pooch full clothing line. We are confident that you’ll find dog clothes to fit your pup’s indoor or outdoor lifestyle.

Dress up your pup and make it an exciting day for everyone. Your best furry friend will be dancing at the doorway in their dog clothes and ready to run free while looking adorable and stylish.

Dog clothes are a fun way to not only keep your pup warm but also ensure that your four-legged buddy looks cute.