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  1. Hurtta Extreme Overall
    Hurtta Extreme Overall
    Starting From: $135.99 Our Price: $135.99
  2. Ruffwear Furness Jacket
    Ruffwear Furness Jacket
    Starting From: $139.99 Our Price: $139.99
  3. Canada Pooch Waterproof Puffer
    Canada Pooch Waterproof Puffer
    Starting From: $108.99 Our Price: $108.99
  4. Silver Paw Whistler Dog Snowsuit
    Silver Paw Whistler Dog Snowsuit
    Starting From: $59.99 Our Price: $59.99
  5. Silver Paw Fonda Dog Puffer Jacket
    Silver Paw Fonda Dog Puffer Jacket
    Starting From: $49.99 Our Price: $49.99
  6. Canada Pooch Ultimate Stretch Vest
    Canada Pooch Ultimate Stretch Vest
    Starting From: $47.99 Our Price: $47.99
  7. Canada Pooch The Snow Suit
    Canada Pooch The Snow Suit
    Starting From: $70.99 Our Price: $70.99
  8. Hurtta Extreme Warmer Eco
    Hurtta Extreme Warmer Eco
    Starting From: $130.99 Our Price: $130.99
  9. Hurtta Extreme Warmer V2
    Hurtta Extreme Warmer V2
    Starting From: $118.99 Our Price: $118.99
  10. Hurtta Razzle-Dazzle Midlayer Coat
    Hurtta Razzle-Dazzle Midlayer Coat
    Starting From: $78.99 Our Price: $78.99
  11. Hurtta Expedition Parka - Set
    Hurtta Expedition Parka
    Starting From: $105.99 Our Price: $105.99
  12. Canada Pooch Prism Puffer Vest
    Canada Pooch Prism Puffer Vest
    Starting From: $47.99 Our Price: $47.99

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Dog Winter Coat FAQs

Does my dog need a winter coat?

Dogs may need coats in winter Canada, especially if they are smaller breeds or have short hair. Breeds with double coats, such as Huskies or Malamutes, are more resistant to the cold and may not need coats as much.

What is the best winter coat in Canada?

The best winter dog coat Canada depends on your dog's specific needs and preferences. The warmest coat we carry is the Ruffwear Extreme Overall. We carry a variety of winter dog parkas, puffer jackets, and snowsuits for your dog's winter needs.

Should dogs wear coats in winter?

Dogs may benefit from wearing coats in winter, especially if they are small, short-haired, or prone to the cold. Coats can provide extra insulation and many benefits such as protection from the wind, snow, and ice and can help to prevent hypothermia and frostbite.

Do old dogs need coats in winter?

Older dogs might be more likely to benefit from a winter dog coat. As dogs age and become less active, they can lose muscle mass and will have more trouble maintaining body temperature in cold weather.

What should you look for when buying a dog winter coat?

When buying the best winter dog coat, it's important to choose the proper size and fit. Coats that are designed to insulate and protect are only effective if they fit your dog properly so look for sizes from small dog winter coats to large dog coats for winter.

Shop Winter Dog Coats in Canada

Harsh winter temperatures can make your dog's daily walks and outings almost unbearable. A high-quality winter dog coat will help to keep your dog's core muscles warm and insulated from the cold windchill of a Canadian winter.

Shop our full selection of dog winter coats, including insulated dog coats and dog snowsuits so that your dog can keep up his favourite outdoor activities all winter long.

Canada is well-known for its harsh cold weather. Your dog will need a winter dog coat to keep the pup warm when the snow starts to fall. Small, senior, and short-haired breeds often have a tough time regulating their body temperature when it becomes cold. A winter dog coat gives them the thermal insulation they need to stay comfortable and safe.

At Homes Alive Pets, we have a large assortment of winter dog coats Canada to keep your dog warm. We also carry an assortment of dog sweaters and dog raincoats for your furry friend. Each one is a great product for any outdoor outing.

Dog Coats for Winter Canada

When the mercury starts to drop in the Great White North, it’s time to evaluate your dog coats winter ensemble to make sure Fido is toasty warm during any outdoor activity.

The Hurtta Expedition Parka> is one of our most popular and best dog coat Canada choices. It helps protect your furry friend from extreme weather and was specially designed to keep short-haired dogs warm.

It's a great pick for anyone looking for a dog waterproof winter coat or dog jacket. Small dogs will especially benefit from the added warmth when there is a temperature drop.

When shopping for a dog winter coat with legs, you should consider the Canada Pooch The Snow Suit which is water resistant with a foil liner for heat retention.

The winter dog coat has both the body and neck covered with a side zipper. It has an easy pull-on design with a side zipper and adjustable neck extra warmth, which makes it one of the best dog jackets for winter.

Looking good doesn't have to be a sacrifice on a cold winter walk. The GF Pet Recycled Parka for Dogs is the perfect blend of style and function. This form-fitting winter dog coat is both water-resistant and warm.

The garment even has reflective strips for easy visibility during all of your winter adventures. Plus, it's made with eco-friendly recycled materials! Without a doubt, it is one of the best dog winter coats Canada choices.

Pick whatever size of dog jacket fits best for your pup such as medium dog winter coats. How the coat fits does matter. You want to ensure your furry friend’s comfort. The dog jacket should have a snug fit but not too tight.

Pet parents can shop our full selection of the best winter dog coats, thermal dog jackets, and winter base layers for dogs to keep them warm and cozy on your next winter outing. Pair your dog's winter jacket with other cold-weather dog gear, like dog boots, dog sweaters, and even a dog hat, to allow your pet to play outside, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.