No Pull Harnesses

No pull harnesses come in many shapes in sizes, so you can choose what works best for you and your dog. Popular options include chest harnesses and headcollars, both of which discourage pulling without causing discomfort or pain to your pup. Ideal for training and steering your dog in the right direction, these easy walking dog harnesses are a popular choice among owners and trainers alike.

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  1. Ruffwear-front-range-harness
    Ruffwear Front Range Harness
    Starting from: $66.99 Starting from: $66.99
  2. RC Pets Tempo No Pull Harness - Heather Black
    RC Pets Tempo No Pull Harness
    List Price: $40.00 Starting From: $38.99 Our Price: $38.99 You Save: $1.01 (3%)
  3. Kurgo Journey Dog Harness
    Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness
    List Price: $64.99 Our Price: $56.99 Our Price: $56.99 You Save: $8.00 (12%)
  4. Kurgo Tru Fit Harness Canada - Black
    Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Car Harness - Black
    Starting from: $33.99 Starting from: $33.99
  5. PetSafe Easy Walk Harness Black
    PetSafe Easy Walk Harness Black
    List Price: $35.99 Starting From: $30.99 Our Price: $30.99 You Save: $5.00 (14%)
  6. Walk Right! Padded Front Dog Harness, Black
    Walk Right! Padded Front Dog Harness, Black
    List Price: $42.99 Starting From: $40.99 Our Price: $40.99 You Save: $2.00 (5%)
  7. Paba Gentle Leader Headcollar
    Paba Gentle Leader Headcollar
    List Price: $38.99 Starting From: $35.99 Our Price: $35.99 You Save: $3.00 (8%)

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Looking for a tool to help teach your dog not to pull on walks? No pull dog harnesses are a safe, pain-free option that will help your dog learn to walk by your side. Unlike prong and choke collars, no-pull harnesses allow you to correct leash manners without prompting any negative associations or pain for your pup.

Dog headcollars, sometimes called head halters, are another option that goes on around the snout and guide your dog’s head in the direction you’d like them to go. Similar to what is used for horses, these harnesses turn the dog’s head sideways when they pull—often a very effective way to train. Guiding your dog’s head will give their body a cue to follow, and allow you more control over their behaviour on a leash. The Gentle Leader is an easy-to-use head halter option for dogs.

As effective as head halters can be when used incorrectly, they can be dangerous. For beginners, it's best to start with a no pull harness that fits securely on your dog's chest and shoulders. The Hurtta Venture No Pull Harness offers both front and back clips as well as a durable handle to help guide and correct your dog while you are training.

For exceptionally stubborn and strong breeds, the RC Pets Tempo No Pull Harness works similarly to other no pull harness styles, with one additional feature. The cinch loop on the leash attachment will gently tighten when your dog pulls to discourage pulling behaviours. The padded chest piece makes the harness comfortable and supportive, even for determined pullers.

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