Hurtta Weekend Warrior Eco Harness

by Hurtta
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  • Lightweight, durable everyday harness
  • Made with 100% recycled polyester shell with soft breathable lining and 3M reflective material
  • Comfortable fit, adjustable, padded chest plate and back
  • Convenient handle if quick control is needed 
  • Available in a variety of sizes

Hurtta Weekend Warrior Eco Harness is a breathable, all-purpose harness that is ideal for everyday activities. This durable harness has been tested to have tensile strength and the harness was tested on more than 200 dogs during product development to ensure your dog has the quality and functional harness they deserve! The harness is easy to put on, the two buckle clips on the lower part allow for a simple, over-the-head fit and four adjustable points ensure a fit perfect for your dog’s unique form. The outer surface of the harness is made with 100% recycled polyester which has a weatherproof Houndtex lamination, the padded inner lining is breathable which avoids overheating and chafing, ensuring comfort while adventuring. The 3M reflective material is located on the front of the chest plate and outlines areas of the harness for improved nighttime visibility and safety. Along the back is a stainless-steel ring for convenient leash attachment and a convenient handle if quick control of your dog is needed.

Available in a variety of sizes. Please see the specifications tab for measurements.

Size Guide

To help find the right size for your dog, check out Hurtta's harness sizing video here.

Size Neckline  Chest
40-45 cm (16"-18") 20-40 cm (8"-16") 37-45 cm (15"-18")
45-60 cm (18"-24") 25-45 cm (10"-18") 42-60 cm (17"-24")
60-80 cm (24-32") 35-60 cm (14"-24") 57-80 cm (23"-32")
80-100 cm (32-39") 40-70 cm (16"-28") 77-100 cm (30"-39")
100-120 cm (39-47") 50-75 cm (20"-30") 97-120 cm (37"-47")