Dog Chew Toys

No softies need apply for these bad boys. Our selection of tough, rubber, and durable toys for dogs is only for those dogs who love to chew. And their supportive owners.

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  1. Totally Pooched Catch N' Squeak Ball
    Totally Pooched Catch N' Squeak Ball
    Starting from: $11.99 Starting from: $11.99
  2. Totally Pooched Catch N' Squeak
    Totally Pooched Flex N' Squeak
    Starting from: $12.99 Starting from: $12.99
  3. Totally Pooched Chew N' Tug Ring
    Totally Pooched Chew N' Tug Ring
    Our Price: $9.99
  4. Totally Pooched Chew N' Squeak Stick
    Totally Pooched Chew N' Squeak Stick
    Starting from: $12.99 Starting from: $12.99

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Dog Chew Toys

Does your dog love to chew? If the chewing has gotten out of control and spread to your shoes, furniture, or other personal items, it’s time to step in. While dogs have a natural tendency to chew, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the things you love. Instead, just invest in dog chew toys from Home Alive Pets!

Offering a wide selection of rubber dog toys, we carry top brands like Kong dog toys, Nylabone, and Benebone. Ideal for dogs who like to chew, rubber dog toys are durable and robust and will hold up much better than plush dog toys or dog toys with plastic squeakers. Even better, brands like Kong have a lifetime warranty, which means you’ll get your money back or have a new toy sent to you if your pooch does manage to destroy it.

Does your pooch love to fetch? Look for rubber dog toys with throw ropes. The weight of the rubber toy makes these items easy to throw, while the durable rubber body floats, making the toy ideal for water play. If you have a pooch who likes to chew or who stays home all day while you work, look for puzzle rubber dog toys, like the classic Kong toy, which makes it possible to fill the toy with peanut butter or other delicious treats, for hours of interactive fun. You can also find dog chew toys that clean your pooch’s teeth and promote excellent oral hygiene. Looking for something more edible? You might be interested in our selection of natural chews and bully sticks too!