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From teething puppies to larger dogs with lots of chewing power, KONG offers toys that are built to last. All KONG dog toys encourage play, including the Classic KONG for stuffing, interactive toys to keep your dog busy, tug toys, balls, and noise making toys. Even the plush toys are durable and made for strong dogs.

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KONG offers everything your dog needs for play, from interactive and treat dispensing toys to cozy stuffed toys. Originally known for the Classic KONG, an indestructible dispensing toy for all types of chewers, KONG has become a must-have for parents of tough chewers hoping to avoid adding to their toy graveyard. KONG balls and plushies cater to all life stages, from the puppy teething phase to full-grown power chewers.

KONG’s tough dog toys are typically made of their patented durable rubber material. Shopping for an especially strong chewer? Try out the KONG Extreme, made from their strongest formula of black rubber to withstand even the most powerful pups.