Outdoor Dog Gear

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Outdoor Dog Gear FAQs

What outdoor activities are dog-friendly?

There are many dog-friendly outdoor adventures - hiking, camping, swimming, and paddleboarding, to name a few. Stock up on the right outdoor dog supplies to keep your pet safe anywhere your adventures take you.

What is the most important outdoor dog gear?

The outdoor dog gear you need will depend on the activities you choose, but the basic gear needed for any outdoor adventure includes an appropriate collar, harness, and leash, current ID tags and licenses, and a source of fresh, clean water.

What dog breeds love adventure?

Some dogs are better built for outdoor adventures than others. The most common adventure dog breeds include Siberian Huskies, Australian Shepherds, Bernese Mountain Dogs and more.

Shop Dog Outdoor Gear in Canada

Your favourite outdoor adventures are always better with your dog at your side. Before you hit the trails, stock up on the best outdoor dog gear Canada. Find the best dog camping gear, harnesses, hiking boots, vests, and more must-have gear to keep your dog safe and your adventures fun.

When preparing for a big adventure, safety and proper dog gear are the most important considerations. Just like us people, dogs have a ton of outdoor and adventure dog gear available to them. Shop our top outdoor dog gear brands like Hurtta, Ruffwear, Canada Pooch, and more

Before you head out, make sure you haven't missed anything on your camping with dogs checklist, including a pet first aid kit, a hands-free leash, a dog life jacket, reflective dog gear, and a dog backpack (so you’re not stuck carrying all of their stuff).

Be sure to always consider the weather too! Dogs get cold just like us, so you may want to bring along appropriate outdoor dog clothes to keep your furry friend warm and comfy on your trek. With adventure dog gear, you can prepare for all weather conditions.

It’s easy to lose sight of Fido in the Canadian backcountry at dusk or nightfall. A dog collar light is a useful tool for making sure you can see them, and so can other people, pets, and most importantly, cars. Or try a light up dog collar for 360 visibility. These rechargeable collars can be worn in addition to their regular collar and are perfect for any low-light outdoor dog activities.

When indulging in water recreation, outfit your dog with a canine life vest and other dog safety gear. The Hurtta Life Savior is lightweight and available in several bright colours. The life jacket has a handle to grab to help your dog in and out of the water. Its distinctive dog gear design ensures a complete range of motion for swimming and playing fun.

Remember to pack the best dog treats that make your dog’s tail wag in delight. A dog treat bag is an easy way to keep high-value rewards handy, no matter where your adventures take you. Because you can never predict the weather, try the Ruffwear Treat Trader which is completely water-resistant to keep the treats fresh and dry.

Don’t let the heat get your dog down when enjoying outdoor dog sports. The Hurtta Cooling Wrap helps keep a dog’s chest area cool when the mercury starts to rise. Simply wet down the wrap, wring it out the dog adventure gear and put it on to cool your dog down quickly.

If Fido gets a little dirty enjoying the great outdoors, then you are going to need some quick cleanup tools like the Kurgo Mud Dog Travel Shower to wash off those muddy paws before loading up into your car or snuggling down in a sleeping bag together.

Some of our favourite outdoor dog gear Canada items to pack when going on a hike or camping with your dog are the Night Ize SpotLit LED Carabiner Light (conveniently attaches to any collar or harness), the various dog backpacks, and the fully-stocked Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit. Don’t forget to pick up a lightweight travel dog bowl to take on your adventure.

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