Hurtta Life Savior

by Hurtta
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  • Life jacket for dogs
  • Lightweight, brightly coloured
  • Durable handle
  • Adjustable, easy to put on
  • Side identification tag
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colours

Hurtta Life Savior is a lightweight life jacket to protect your dog during any water activity. Its lightweight design will keep your dog above the water while not restricting your dog's movement in or outside the water. The Life Savior is easy to put on and adjustable for a suitable fit using the velcro and clips located around the neck and the stomach. On the top of the life jacket is a durable handle to assist your dog in or out of the water, brightly coloured will make sure your dog is easy to spot and the side, identification tag will provide visible identification. 

Hurtta Life Savior comes in a variety of sizes and colours. Please see the specifications tab for measurements. 

Size Neckline Chest
0-5 kg (0-10 lbs.) 23-31 cm (9-12") 31-39 cm (12-16")
5-10 kg (10-20 lbs.) 33-43 cm (13-17") 49-61 cm (20-24")
10-20 kg (20-40 lbs.) 41-49 cm (16-20") 63-76 cm (25-30")
20-40 kg (40-80 lbs.) 47-58 cm (19-24") 80-103 cm (32-41")
40-80 kg (>80 lbs.) 57-76 cm (24-30") 93-113 cm (36-44")