Orijen Dog Treats

High-value dog treats make training and rewarding your dog a breeze. Orijen Dog Treats are made using locally sourced animal proteins that are freeze-dried to retain maximum flavour and nutrition. Made with 99% animal ingredients, these treats are a crowd-pleaser. Shop popular flavours like Orijen Freeze Dried Duck, Ranch-Raised Beef, and or the Original Chicken, Turkey, and Fish formula.

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  1. Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats - Lamb
    Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats - Lamb
    Our Price: $15.99
  2. Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Tundra
    Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats - Tundra
    Our Price: $17.99
  3. Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats - Duck
    Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats - Duck
    Our Price: $15.99
  4. Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Original
    Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats - Original
    Our Price: $13.99
  5. Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats - Regional Red
    Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats - Regional Red
    Our Price: $15.99
  6. Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Ranch-Raised Beef
    Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats - Ranch-Raised Beef
    Our Price: $15.99

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Shop Orijen Dog Treats in Canada

Dogs deserve only the best when it comes to the diet treats we feed them! Canadian-grown and operated brand, Orijen, is an excellent choice to ensure your doggo is getting the essential vitamins and nutrients he needs.

Just like Orijen dog foods, Orijen freeze dried dog treats are designed to be biologically appropriate, meaning they imitate the balanced nutrition of raw dog food that nature intended for our dogs to thrive. Although our dogs have become more domesticated, the way they consume and digest food has remained the same.

With this philosophy in mind, Orijen dog treats are carefully crafted with 100% fresh, natural, regionally-sourced meats delivered daily from Alberta ranchers, farmers, and fishers. The very simple ingredient lists include quality protein sources such as Orijen grass-fed lamb and Orijen ranch-raised beef. Orijen's freeze-drying process locks in all of the essential nutrients that make these treats both healthy and delicious for dogs of any breed or life stage.

Orijen freeze-dried treats are perfect for training, rewarding, or just as a delicious and nutritious meal topper. They’re also preservative-free and made with all-natural, fresh protein sources.

When it comes to choosing a nutritious dog treat or natural chew, you want to choose a brand that has your dog’s health and longevity in mind. Orijen treats for puppies or adult dogs are a high-value reward that dogs of all ages and sized can enjoy. Homes Alive Pets is a proud carrier of Orijen pet foods and treats, as well as a wide selection of dental chews, bully sticks, rawhide chews, soft and chewy treats and other Canadian treats.