Kong Toys are renowned for their durability and versatility in providing mental and physical stimulation for dogs of all sizes and breeds. It's hard to talk about dog and cat toys without talking about Kong. This veteran dog toy brand has been an innovator in the field of pet enrichment and healthy play behaviours for decades, so it's no wonder why they are still one of the most popular toy brands in Canada. With a focus on durability and mental stimulation, Kong offers an unparalleled range of toys designed to keep pets entertained and engaged. Shop our diverse selection of Kong products and give your pet the gift of endless play.

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  1. KONG Stuff'n Puppy Easy Treat Paste
    KONG Stuff'n Easy Treat Puppy Recipe Paste
    List Price: $14.99 Our Price: $12.99 Our Price: $12.99 You Save: $2.00 (13%)
  2. KONG Snacks Puppy
    KONG Snacks Puppy
    List Price: $11.99 Our Price: $10.49 Our Price: $10.49 You Save: $1.50 (13%)
  3. KONG Snacks Chicken Liver
    KONG Snacks Chicken Liver
    List Price: $11.99 Starting From: $10.49 Our Price: $10.49 You Save: $1.50 (13%)

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Kong Pet Supplies FAQs

What are Kong pet supplies?

Kong pet supplies are a range of toys, treats, and accessories for dogs and cats designed to promote physical and mental stimulation, encourage healthy chewing behaviour, and provide interactive playtime.

What types of Kong toys are available for dogs and cats?

Kong toys are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including classic rubber toys, stuffing-free toys, treat-dispensing toys, and chew toys. Kong also offers a range of interactive puzzles and toys for cats.

Are Kong pet supplies safe for pets?

Yes, Kong pet supplies are made with non-toxic, durable materials and are designed to be safe for pets to use under supervision.

How do I select the right size Kong toy for my dog?

The size of the Kong toy you select depends on the size and chewing behaviour of your dog. Kong offers a sizing guide on their website to help you select the appropriate size toy for your dog.

Where is Kong headquartered?

Kong is headquartered in Golden, Colorado, in the United States.

Where can I purchase Kong pet supplies?

Kong pet supplies are available for purchase at Homes Alive Pets.

Shop Kong Pet Toys in Canada

KONG pet toys and pet supplies are known for their quality, originality, variety, safety, and value. As a trusted pet brand since 1976, Kong Toys are among the most recommended toys by trainers, vets, behaviourists, and pet parents. KONG Pet Company puts a lot of thought into the quality and safety of their products because, in the end, their choices affect you and your best friend!

Kong is one of Canada's oldest and most reliable pet toy brands. What started as an accident back in 1976 turned into the world's most recognized dog chew toy. Kong Founder Joe Markham discovered how durable and fun the classic Kong rubber material was when his curious pooch Fritz started chewing on a rubber part from an old Volkwagon Bus that Joe had been fixing up.

Fritz was immediately enamoured by the oddly shaped part. Joe saw how the erratic bounce and durable and satisfying texture captivated Fritz, and the Kong classic and Kong Dog Company was born.

Since 1976, Kong toys have come a long way, creating toys for all kinds of playtime for dogs and cats. Kong chew toys are a popular option for dogs that need something durable and fun to sink their teeth into. Shop Kong extreme chew toys for dogs with a powerful and determined jaw.

Kong Toys Canada come in a huge variety to offer your pet a number of different activities to physically and mentally stimulate your furry pal. You'll find a Kong toy, like puzzles, fetch toys and much more at Homes Alive Pets.

Kong didn't forget about your feline family. We carry an extensive line of Kong catnip toys, wands and teasers, and interactive Kong toys to keep your favourite kitty entertained and active.

Shop our full selection of Kong dog toys and Kong cat toys in Canada at Homes Alive Pets.