Meowijuana Mice Dreams - Catnip, Passion Flower & Lavender Blend

by Meowijuana
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  • Organic catnip with passionflower and lavender
  • Hand processed for quality
  • Free of seeds and sticks
  • Can be given to cats up to every other day
  • Available in .917 oz (26 g) container - 52 servings per bottle (.5 g serving size)
  • Made in the USA

Meowijuana Mice Dreams will give your furry friend a taste of the high life with hand-processed, high-grade, organic catnip with a relaxing blend of passionflower, lavender for an additional calming effect. It's filled with just catnip, passionflower and lavender - no seeds or sticks - to enhance the experience for your cat.

Available in a 26 g (.917 oz) container with 52 servings per bottle (.5 g serving size). Not for human consumption, made in the USA.


Meowijuana cat products are not for human consumption. Catnip may be given to cats every other day and is not encouraged for cats under a year old. Supervision recommended.