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    Mad Cat Cat Toy - Magic Meowshroom
    Mad Cat Cat Toy - Magic Meowshroom
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Kittens are notoriously playful. A new kitten is a blank slate, so having a good variety of sizes and age-appropriate kitten toys can help your baby cat learn how to play safely and keep themselves mentally and physically active. Our kitten gift shop is loaded with the most exciting kitten mouse toys, catnip toys for kittens, and kitten circuit toys to provide your kitten with an exciting environment to interact with.

When shopping for a kitten gift, you can't go wrong with a fun kitten toy. Young cats are very playful and curious, and kitten toys are a great way for a baby cat to learn new skills, release some energy, and prevent destructive behaviours. We carry a large selection of small and lightweight toys suitable for kittens of all sizes and play styles.

Brand new kittens are not very coordinated and haven't quite mastered running, pouncing, or chasing. A great gift for a kitten under 4 months old is a ball or small fetch toy, like the Wonpet Ball with Feather Tail. The lightweight ball is easy for even the littlest paws to bat around, and the feathers will encourage any kitten to give chase.

Kittens will have sudden bursts of high energy, and that's why wand and teaser toys make a great kitten gift. This type of kitten toy encourages more vigorous play and is a great activity for bonding with young kittens. The Go Cat Da Ball Lure Wand is the perfect gift for a hyper kitten. This type of teaser toy helps kittens hone their natural hunting skills. Plus, the attachments are interchangeable, so keeping this toy fun and fresh is easy.

Sometimes, the best kitten toys are the simplest kitten toys. Fat Cat Cat Crazies may not look like much, but it's one of our most popular cat toys for a reason. These little plastic rings are fun to bat, easy to fling, and bounce erratically when tossed.

Interactive kitten toys are also great for teaching young kittens to play by themselves. If you are looking for a gift for both kittens and kitten lovers, then check out the Catit Senses 2.0 Toys. From track toys for hunting to food puzzles, this line makes a great gift for any curious and playful kitty.

Kittens need a variety of stimulants in their environment to help them learn and develop. Toys are an excellent tool for that. Our kitten toy shop has plenty of exciting options to help you find the perfect kitten gift.