One Fur All Mediterranean Sea Car Air Freshener

by One Fur All
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  • Odorising air freshener - Meditterranean Sea fragrance
  • Uses a combination of essential oils
  • Long lasting, lasts for weeks
  • Ideal for cars or small areas
  • Non-toxic, allergen free
  • Made in the USA

Take the smell of One Fur All's Candles with you into the vehicle with the One Fur All Mediterranean Sea Tea Air Freshener. This pawsome air freshener uses One Fur All's signature combination of essential oils to create a Mediterranean Sea smell to help eliminate odours from your vehicle or small spaces.

One Fur All's Air Fresheners will keep smelling for weeks and is non-toxic and allergen-free; Made in the USA.

How to Use

Please cut a small opening at the top of the bag, pull the air freshener out approx 1/2". To adjust the potency cut the bottom off the packaging 1/2" at a time. 

Please keep air freshener away from pets and children. The Air freshener should hang in a place where it is not distracting to drivers and avoid staining. Do not place onto upholstery, plastic and other surfaces.