Homes Alive Pets Snack Mat - Pizza

by Homes Alive Pets
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  • Snack mat for dogs - Pizza design 
  • Easy to add mashed fruit, peanut butter, yogurt, & more
  • Supports enrichment & fights boredom
  • Easy to clean & suction to floors or walls
  • Suitable for medium to giant-sized dogs of all breeds
  • Available in one size and in the colour yellow - Approx 22.8 cm (9") in diameter

Homes Alive Pets Snack Mat - Pizza is a great option to provide enrichment and fight your dog's boredom. Simply spread on treats such as mashed fruit, peanut butter, or yogurt and feed to your dog when they are bored, stressed, or deserve a reward for being good! There are many suction cups on the back of the snack mat that prevents the product from sliding on the floor or makes it easy to stick to a wall. It is both hand-washable and dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean for next time.

This lick mat is suitable for medium to giant-sized dogs of all breeds. It is only available in one size, approximately 22.8 cm in diameter, and colour, yellow. Please see the specifications tab for further details.

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Please supervise your dog when choosing this product for snacktime. 


This product is made from 100% silicone. It is stain and odour-resistant, and BPA and PVC-free. 

This lick mat is both hand-washable and dishwasher-safe.