Himalayan Dog Chew - Large

by Himalayan Dog Chews
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  • Made for dogs under 25 kg (55 lb.)
  • A 100% natural, long lasting chew for dogs
  • Made from Yak and Cow milk, salt and lime juice
  • Made with an authentic, ancient Himalayan recipe
  • Grain and gluten-free
  • No binding agents
  • Net Wt. 99 g (3.5 oz)

The Himalayan Dog Chew - Large is derived from an ancient recipe of the Himalayas and Nepal.

This chew pack includes 1 chew specifically cut to size for dogs under 25 kg (55 lb.)

The chew is actually an authentic cheese eaten by the people of the Himalayas, but used as a long-lasting snack they can chew on while working in the fields. The idea is that they could slowly soften the chew as they worked and have a snack that lasted a long time. The same concept of a very hard chew was applied to making Himalayan Dog Chews.

In the mountains around Mt. Everest at over 15,000 feet, Himalayan Chew are made using the traditional recipe and technique, using Yak and Cow Milk, salt and lime juice. Nothing, but natural products are used and no chemicals, binding agents or preservatives are added in the process.

How long the chew last is dependant on the eating habits and size of your dog, but is still one of the longest lasting chews you can find. Your dog has to work the Himalayan treat for hours; softening it first with their mouths, then slowly scraping the small softened pieces off.

Giving your dog a Himalayan Dog Chew is giving them hours of entertaining and eating enjoyment.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) 52.8%
Crude Fat (min) 0.9%
Ash (max) 6.0%
Moisture (max) 10.2%
  • 94 g (3.3. oz.)

  • 1 piece pack for dogs under 25 kg (55 lb.)


  • As with any dog treat, please supervise your dog(s) when giving and eating treats
  • Be cautious and discard when potential hazards are present (i.e. small pieces, choking, indigestion etc).

Himalayan Dog Chew Story

Himalayan Dog Chews are made by consortium of about 900 farmers in the Himalayas of Nepal. These farmers are trained and given 5-6 months to produce the Himalayan Dog Chews using the ancient recipe and techniques.

Each Farmer owns and milks 2-5 cows and yaks daily, using traditional methods and not modern devices. The animals graze on natural pastures and are fed natural leaves from the forest. It takes about 23 litre (6 gallons) to make 907 g (2 lb.) of Himalayan Dog Chew. Each farmer makes an average of 9 kg (20 lb.) a month.

The farmer will boil the milk for 4-5 hours and pour the hot milk into a centrifuge device to remove the fat. The fat is further boiled to make a "Ghee" butter that's used locally. The Dog Chews are made from the remaining fat-free milk. 

When the milk has cooled down, lime juice and salt are added, which coagulates, or solidifies the milk. The solid material is separated and cleaned several times to remove the whey, and any excess salt or lime juice. It's then put into a squeezing process until it reaches a moisture level of 5% and is shaped into cake-like bricks. The cakes are cut and cooked in the heat of the sun and smoked for 2-3 months.

The final chews are collected and sorted from the farmers for quality control. The best 10-15% become Himalayan Dog Chews and the rest are sold in local Nepal markets for human consumption. The top selected chews are shipped to the USA, cleaned again using special buffing machines and lime juice. They are cut to specific sizes, packaged and then distributed to retailers.

Yak and Cow Milk, Salt and Lime Juice.