Big Dog Treats & Chews

Big dogs need a big reward! OK, maybe not literally big, but definitely tasty and exciting. Dog treats make for excellent gifts for big dogs. Shop our top picks for big dog chews and bones, or look for high-value training treats for big dogs so that you can always keep a delicious reward close by. Our Big Dog Treat Shop has everything you need to spoil your favourite giant pooch.

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Big dogs don't always need big treats, but they do need big flavours! Whether you are looking for big dog training treats or a long-lasting chew for your large dog, then this big toy treat shop has you covered.

OK, size does matter, but it depends on what you are using it for. Training treats for big dogs should be small but tasty, whereas long-lasting chews for large breeds should be bigger and more robust.

Big dog treats can be tasty and functional, like Jay's Big Bits Hip & Joint Dog Treats. These soft and chewy dog treats are packed with glucosamine and other joint health ingredients to counteract common hip and joint issues in large-breed dogs.

If you are training your large dog, then you'll need treats that are loaded with flavour but also small enough to allow you to treat repeatedly. Benny Bully's Liver Chops are single ingredient freeze dried dog snacks that can be used for routine treating or broken into bite-sized pieces for treat training.

Natural dog chews for big dogs have to be tough, so any old rawhide just won't do. ValuePack Tartar Bones are a great source of cartilage and offer your big dog a long-lasting chew. Or try Eldon's Free Range Odourless Bully Sticks. These flavourful chews are low in fat and great for dental health.

Treats are just one way to spoil your big dog. Shop our full Big Dog Gift Shop for more dog treats, toys, and accessories for large breed dogs.