Dog Antler Chews

If your dog loves natural, long-lasting chews, the buck stops here. Browse our selection of durable elk antler chews. No backwoods experience necessary for your hunter-at-heart.

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  1. Made in Canada
    Puppy Love Elk Antler - Jumbo
    Puppy Love Canadian Elk Antler
    Starting from: $11.49 Starting from: $11.49
  2. Made in Canada
    Nutrience Grain Free Cabin Chews - Elk Antler - Medium Split
    Cabin Chews Elk Antler - Medium Split
    Our Price: $16.99

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Antlers for Dogs

If you’re looking for long-lasting dog chews that are puppy-proof and safe, look no further than antler bones for dogs. These naturally shed elk and deer antlers are a favorite among our customers. Harvested in the wild, these antlers are free of colors, preservatives, and additives, and provide pure, natural goodness for your pooch.

Choosing the Right Antler Bones for Dogs

If your dog knows and loves antlers, you can buy whole antler segments. Your pooch will love these, and we find that most angler segments last about three weeks. If you’re introducing antlers to your dog for the first time, look for split antlers. These starter chews have exposed bone marrow and won’t splinter easily, so they’re perfect for dogs who have never tried an elk antler before. Clean, safe, and delicious for dogs; these are a favorite among our customers.

Looking for Softer Chews Chews?

Unlike antlers, which are naturally-shed antler material, bully sticks are dehydrated dog treats made of freeze-dried bull or steer penile tissue (yes - you read that right). These chews are great for dogs with small or developing teeth (puppies, for example), although they will not last as long as antler bones for dogs. If you have any questions about which dog treats are right for your dog, consider your needs and priorities. While elk antlers are delicious and long-lasting, they may not be right for puppies with tender teeth. If you have an adult dog, buy both and find out which one your pooch prefers!