NaturVet Potty Here Training Aid

by NaturVet
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  • Natural formula to encourage potty training
  • Unique scent attracts dogs to urinate in desired spot
  • Great for training pads, artificial grass & outdoor areas
  • For both indoor & outdoor use
  • Available in 236 ml (8 oz) & 946 ml (32 oz) spray bottles

NavurVet's Potty Here Training Aid is an easy-to-use, all-natural way to speed up the potty training process for dogs of all ages. Once sprayed onto the desired area, the unique scent of this formula will attract dogs to urinate on that spot.

This spray works well for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used on artificial grass, puppy training pads, as well as outdoor areas. Available in 236 ml (8 oz) and 946 ml (32 oz).

Directions for Use:

Shake spray bottle well before each use.

Training Tips:
The amount of time required for training will be dependent on the individual dog. It is important to use consistency and positive reinforcement while training (i.e. praising your dog when he urinates in the correct place). If you find him urinating in the wrong place, quickly pick him up or move him and calmly say, "no," before taking him to the chosen area. Praise him verbally or with a treat when he is finished.

For Indoor Use:
Decide on the desired place where you want your dog to urinate. Keep the chosen spot consistent for best results. If the chosen spot is artificial turf or puppy training pads, lightly spray the entire area.

For Outdoor Use:
Spray the area you have designated for your dog to urinate outdoors. Introduce your dog to the spot and allow him to sniff and become familiar with it. Reapply spray as needed.

Water, Preservatives, Proprietary Attractant Scent.