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    RuffDawg Dawg-Buster
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    RuffDawg Dawg-Nut
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Dog Water Toys FAQs

What types of water toys are available for dogs?

There are various types of water toys for dogs, including balls that float, frisbees, chew toys, and even interactive toys that release treats while in the water.

How do I choose the right water toy for my dog?

Consider your dog's size, swimming ability, and play style when choosing a water toy. Choosing a toy appropriate for your dog's skill level and preferences is important to ensure they have fun and stay safe.

Are all water toys safe for dogs?

No, not all water toys are safe for dogs. Choosing toys made with non-toxic materials that won't break apart or pose a choking hazard is important. Always supervise your dog while they are playing with water toys.

Can water toys help with my dog's swimming skills?

Yes, water toys can be a great tool to help improve your dog's swimming skills. Toys like floating balls and frisbees encourage dogs to swim and retrieve in the water, providing exercise and mental stimulation.

How do I clean and maintain my dog's water toys?

It's important to rinse water toys with clean water after each use to prevent bacteria growth. You can also clean toys with pet-safe soap and water or a pet-friendly disinfectant. Check the manufacturer's instructions for specific cleaning recommendations.

Can water toys be used outside of the water?

While water toys are designed specifically for use in the water, some toys may also be used outside of the water. For example, some floating balls may be used for fetching on land. However, it's important to ensure the toy is safe for use outside of the water and supervise your dog during playtime.

Shop Dog Water Toys and Floating Toys in Canada

From balls that float to flying discs to chew toys, there is a toy for every dog that isn't afraid to "take a dive" during playtime. Swimming is an excellent way to keep your dog active and cool in warm weather, and our huge selection of dog water toys will encourage your dog to spend more time in the water. We offer a wide variety of dog water toys and floating dog toys from top brands like ChuckIt!, West Paw, and many more!

Some dogs are natural-born swimmers, and having a few dog water toys can help to enrich their water activities and encourage more exercise. Even if your dog is not a water junkie, floating dog toys are an excellent tool to help your dog practice swimming and get more comfortable in the water.

Fetch is already the most popular dog game, but playing fetch in water will provide an even more rigorous exercise for high-energy dogs. Standard tennis balls get waterlogged, but the ChuckIt! Ultra Ball floats. Get some real distance by using the ChuckIt! Ball Launcher. Some dogs need a bigger target, and the West Paw Design Sailz dog toy is a great option. This lightweight floating dog frisbee is made from tough Zogoflex and Seaflex material and can stand up to dogs that play rough with their toys.

Another excellent water toy for dogs is the Ruffwear Lunker Floating Toy. This surprisingly durable plush toy is not just buoyant. Its tough polyester material makes it easy to pick up in the water, making it perfect for water fetch. The Kernmantle rope gives you an easy grab handle but also helps you send this floating toy flying faster and further.

For dogs that are more comfortable in shallow water, the Jolly Pet Jolly Egg is an excellent toy for dogs that prefer the privacy of their own backyard pool. These large, hard plastic egg can't be picked up, so your dog can pounce, nudge and roll this toy around while splashing around in the water. It's a great activity for a hot summer day.

Different toys encourage different styles of play, and our selection of dog water toys has something for everyone. Shop even more dog toys, dog treats, and dog water safety gear in Canada.