Rope Dog Toys

Simple in design, the rope is like the quintessential dog toy for tugging, flossing, and tossing. Because sometimes a dog just can't make up his mind.

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Dog Rope Toys

As far as your dog is concerned, playtime is the best time. Not only does playing with a favorite toy relieve stress and alleviate boredom, but dog rope toys can clean teeth, prevent destructive behaviors, and provide a vessel for physical play during cold or nasty weather. When it comes to favorite toys, though, every pooch is different. While some love squeaker toys, others play a bit too rough for plush toys and will reduce a stuffed toy to a pile of batting in an instant. For these pooches, dog rope toys might be a better option.

Here at Home Alive Pets, we offer a wide selection of dog rope toys to choose from. Ranging from fetch toys to tug toys for dogs, we’ve got something for every dog. If your pooch tends to chew toys quickly, look for a flossy chew-style toy, which is essentially a cotton blend rope tug that’s durable, does not feature any plastic or stuffed parts, and is built to last.

If your dog likes to fetch, look for a dog rope ball, which features a durable plastic ball on a rope toy that’s easy to throw. Some of these toys float, which makes them an excellent choice for water play. Additionally, the extra weight of the ball makes it easy to throw and will ensure lots of active play for your pet. For tug-of-war toys, you’re best considering tug toys for dogs. We like models with a handle for you and a few rope knots for your pet. Ready to start shopping? Go fetch a rope toy, or check out all of our dog toys.