HugSmart Sniff'n Seek Snuffle Mat - Cat Cola

by HugSmart
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  • Designed for cats and small dogs
  • Soft snuffle mat with multiple hiding spots
  • Features crinkle material and ribbons for extra fun
  • Hides small treats & kibble inside the fabric
  • Can be used as a slow feeder
  • Encourages your pet to locate the treats
  • Available only in one size

HugSmart Sniff'n Seek Snuffle Mat - Cat Cola is designed to keep your cat or small dog entertained and mentally stimulated. Encourage your best friend to sniff, search and dig out their favourite treats from the multiple hiding spots this colourful mat has. To extend the fun and engagement during playtime, this snuffle mat features crinkle material and ribbons.

This product can also be used as a slow feeder, which will force your pet to slow down and prevent digestion issues while keeping them engaged and reducing stress. Available in one size only.


Size Measurements  (W x L)
One Size 18.0 x 36.0 cm | 7.1 x 14.2 in


Please supervise your pet with this toy at all times. If any damage to the product starts to appear, please remove the toy immediately.