Parapet K9 Praventa 360 Flea & Tick Treatment for Extra Large Dogs

by ParaPet
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  • One-month protection per application
  • Breaks the Flea life cycle
  • Protects against fleas and ticks
  • Easy to apply
  • Pre-measured application packets provided
  • Suitable for dogs weighing 25 kg or more
  • Not safe for cats or other animals
  • Available in a 1 or 3-pack

Parapet K9 Praventa 360 Flea & Tick Treatment is an effective, broad-spectrum topical treatment against fleas and ticks. Due to its active ingredients, this product will kill and repel ticks and fleas through contact and no biting is required for it to work; this means that it gets rid of adult fleas, larvae and eggs breaking their life cycle effectively. One application will keep your dog protected for a month, starting the day after the application.

This product is suitable for dogs weighing 25 kg or more and over 12 weeks old. Not safe for cats or other animals. Please see the specification tab for more information, available in a single application package (1-pack) or multiple applications (3-pack).

How to Apply

It is recommended to remove any accessories such as collars, harnesses and coats before applying the product since you will have to apply it directly to their neck and back area. Wear rubber gloves before and during application of the product.

  1. Remove the applicator form the package.
  2. Hold the applicator upright and cut off the cap.
  3. Make sure your dog is in a standing position, it will make things eaier.
  4. The entire contents of the product should be evenly applied to 2 or 4 spots on the top of the back from the shoulder to the base of the tail. Apply product directly on your dog's skin, gently squeezing the applicator on each spot to avoid excessive solution running off the side of your dog.
  5. Discard the empty applicator by wrapping it up in newspapper and placing it in the household garbage can. Wash your hands with soap and water.

Do not rub the product onto your dog's skin; allow it to dry and spread naturally. Keep your dog off furniture until the product is dried.



Consult your veterinarian if you are wanting to use the product on sick, aged, pregnant or nursing dogs or dog who are receiving other pesticide treatment or are on other medication. Do not use on dogs 12 weeks or younger.

If your dog shows signs of sensitivity to the product bathe the dog in mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If symptoms persist, consult a veterinarian immediately. Do not use with another pest control products.

This product is toxic to cats and other animals, do not allow it to be ingested or applied to any other animal. Contact your veterinarian immediately if any contact or ingestion does occur. This product is harmful to fish also.

Do not contaminate water, feed or food, immediately discard any contaminated food. 

Do not get the product on your skin or eyes as it will irritate and be harmful if swallowed or absorbed into the skin. Always wash hands and any skin that gets in contact with the product immediately with soap and water for 15-20 minutes. If product gets on clothing remove the article immediately and contact poison control for advice.

Do not ingest the product, if the product is ingested call poison control or a doctor immediately. Take a drink of water or sip if you are unable to gulp, do not induce vomiting and follow instructions by poison control or a doctor.

Keep product away from children as this product can be harmful if it has contact on the skin, eyes or ingested. 

Active Ingredients: Imidacloprid 7.12%, Permethrin 35.6%, Pyriproxifen 0.36%