Made in Canada
Made in Canada

NaturPet Intesti Care for Cats and Dogs

by NaturPet
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  • All-natural intestinal tract support
  • Prevents intestinal parasites infestation
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Naturally supports joint health
  • Available in a 165g (25 oz) container
  • Made in Canada

If you are looking for a natural alternative to chemical deworming drugs, NaturPet Intesti Care will provide you with that and more. Its main ingredient, Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade), supports the natural healthy function of the intestinal system preventing an intestinal parasite infestation from forming. Use daily for better results, covering every parasite's life cycle so that your pets are never left unprotected. In addition, the minerals included in Intesti Care also support joint health.

Available in a 165g (25 oz) container and made in Canada. Please see the specification tab for more information about this product.

Dosage Guide

Pet Type/Size Cats and small dogs Medium to large dogs (55+ lbs)
Dose 1 tsp (1 level scoop) daily 1 tbsp (3 level scoops) daily


This product can be administered along with your pet's dry or wet food. Please see the recommendations below:

  • Option A: Wet or Dry Food. Sprinkle the dose on the pet’s food once a day. Mix in before serving.
  • Option B: Dry Food. Dissolve in 1/4 cup of water then pour over food.
  • Option C: Dry Food “One and Done Method”. This option will also deter insects that may attempt to get into your pet’s food supply. Take note of the number of servings in the bag of dry food and add the appropriate number of doses to the bag of food. Shake to distribute evenly, or mix in a large storage bin. Intesti Care will become almost indistinguishable.


Do not use this product in pregnant or lactating animals. Do not use in animals receiving other drugs, unless directed by a vet. As always, pay close attention that your pet is drinking plenty of water.

Diatomaceous Earth, Ground Pumpkin Seeds, Ginger Root powder, Slippery Elm Bark powder, Thyme Leaf powder.