Bayer Advantage II Flea Treatment for Large Dog Breeds

by Bayer
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  • Once a month topical treatment for dogs
  • Decreases and protects against flea infestation
  • Also treats lice infestation
  • Stays effective even after bathing or swimming - three days after treatment
  • Suitable for dogs weighing 11 - 25 kg and 7 weeks or older - not safe for other animals
  • Available in a four or six-pack

Bayer Advantix II Topical Flea Treatment is a once a month topical treatment specifically designed to eliminate the existing infestation and protect dogs from fleas, lice and larvae. Once applied to your dog's skin, this scientific formula will combine with the oil of the dog's skin, not through absorption by the skin. When any unwanted parasites come into contact with this topical treatment, they become paralysed and perishing quickly. This treatment will also coat the fur and skin shed and prevent any existing larvae and flea eggs from developing, helping to eliminate 98-100% flea infestation. 

Advantix II starts to work a day after treatment and can protect your dog from future infestations if reapplied monthly, even if your best friend has a bath or goes for a swim three days after the treatment has been applied. Please see the specifications tab for further information. Suitable only for dogs weighing 11-25 kg (24-55 lbs) and seven weeks or older. This product is not safe for other animals. Available in a four or six-pack.

How to Apply:

Each tube is premeasured according to the products recommended weight class, 11-25 kg (24-55 lbs), if your dog is over or under said weight class please look at other flea & tick protection products from Bayer for the appropriate one for your dog.  The product will easily spread onto your dog's skin and while handling product please wear rubber gloves.

1) Remove collar off your dog as product will be applied in the neck/shoulder area.

2) Wear rubber gloves

3) Grab one tube from the packaging, hold it upright and remove the cap.

4) Flip cap around so the other end is facing the seal of the tube, place the end on the seal.

5) Twist cap to break the seal, remove the cap from tube. 

6) Start at the dog's shoulder's blades and part it's hair

7) gently squeeze and apply the product directly and evenly on your dog's skin and multiple spots on your dog's back until the tube is empty.

8) Remove gloves, and wash hands with soap and water

9) Praise your dog for being great

Do not rub the product onto your dog's skin; allow it to dry and spread naturally. Never administer product orally.


When using product use caution with other animals that are around the treated dog.

Reapply every month for continued protection or if flea infestation still persists.

Caution with the product:

If your dog shows signs of sensitivity to the product bathe the dog in mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If symptoms persist, consult a veterinarian immediately.

This product is toxic to other animals, do not allow it to be ingested or applied to any other animal. Contact your veterinarian immediately if any contact or ingestion does occur. 

Do not contaminate water, feed or food, immediately dispose of contaminated food. 

Do not get the product on your skin or eyes as it will irritate and be harmful if swallowed or absorbed into the skin. Always wash hands and any skin that gets in contact with the product immediately with soap and water. If product gets on clothing remove the article immediately and contact poison control for advice.

Do not ingest the product, if the product is ingested call poison control or a doctor immediately. Take a drink of water or sip if you are unable to gulp, do not induce vomiting and follow instructions by poison control or a doctor.

Keep product away from children as this product can be harmful if it has contact on the skin, eyes or ingested.