Made in Canada
Made in Canada

Carna4 Hand Crafted Dog Food - Easy-Chew Venison Formula

by Carna4
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  • Made with 100% protein - humanly-raised pastured venison including the liver from New Zealand
  • Mixed with herring, perch, salmon, organic vegetables, fruit and kelp
  • Quick baked and air-dried - small, soft kibble with highly digestible minerals and vitamins 
  • Grain-free, low-carb recipe
  • Great for dogs with allergies or digestive issues
  • Quick baked: a gentle process that preserves nutrients 
  • No by-products, meals and no added or synthetic vitamins
  • Suitable for puppies, small breed dogs and seniors with difficulty eating hard kibble
  • Available in 2.2, 5 lb, 10, and 20 lb bags
  • Made in Canada

Carna4 Hand Crafted Dog Food is a line of dog food that uses wholesome proteins with organic and natural fruits and vegetables to give your best friend the highest quality and nutritional dry kibble. The grain-free, low-carb venison formula uses 100% pastured New Zealand venison, including the liver, herring, salmon and perch mixed with eggs and wholesome organic ingredients such as flaxseeds, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, lentils and more. Once mixed, the combinations are quickly baked and gently air-dried, a process similar to dehydrating kibble, to ensure all of the natural minerals and vitamins from each ingredient are sealed into the soft, small kibble — ideal for puppies, small dogs, and seniors.

Carna4 Venison formula is rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, D, and B, antioxidants, iron, calcium, niacin and much more. Giving your best friend a boost in the maintenance and support of muscles, skin, coat, joints, and digestion supports growing puppies. Carna4 uses no by-products, meals, sprayed-on fats, and no added or synthetic vitamins and is suitable for puppies, small breed dogs, picky eaters and senior dogs who have difficulty chewing harder kibble.

Made in Canada, the Carna4 Venison formula is available in 1 kg (2.2 lb), 2.27 kg (5 lb),  4.54 kg (10 lb), and 9.09 kg (20 lb) bags. Please see the specifications tab for more information.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) 29.0%
Crude Fat (min) 15.0%
Crude Fibre (max) 4.0%
Moisture (max) 10.0%
Taurine  0.15%
Linoleic Acid (min) 2.8%
Calcium (min) 1.3%
Phosphorus (min) 1.0%
Potassium (min) 0.8%
Sodium (min) 0.33%
Iron (min) 160 mg/kg
Copper (min) 14 mg/kg
Zinc (min) 175 mg/kg
Vitamin A (min) 15,00 IU/kg
Vitamin D (min) 2,200 IU/kg
Vitamin E (min) 390 IU/kg
Vitamin B1 (min) 11.0 mg/kg
Vitamin B2 (min) 6.7 mg/kg
Vitamin B3 (min) 58 mg/kg
Vitamin B5 (min) 25 mg/kg
Vitamin B6 (min) 8.0 mg/kg
Vitamin B12 (min) 0.26 mg/kg
Choline (min) 2,000 mg/kg
Omega-6 Fatty Acids (min) 2.9%
Omega-3 Fatty Acids (min) 1.2%

Calorie Content: 4,200 kcal/kg, 405 kcal/cup

Feeding Guide

Weight Puppy (six months or less) Puppy (six to 12 months) Adult  Active Adult Less Active/Senior Dog
1.3 kg (3 lbs) 3/4 cup 1/2 cup 1/3 cup 1/2 cup 1/4 cup
2.2 kg (5 lbs) One cup 3/4 cup 1/2 cup 5/8 cup 3/8 cup
4.5 kg (10 lbs) 1 2/3 cup 1 1/8 cup 3/4 cup 1 cup 1/2 cup
6.8 kg (15 lbs) 2 1/4 cups 1 3/4 cup 7/8 cup 1 1/3 cup 3/4 cup
9 kg (20 lbs) 2 3/4 cups 2 1/4 cups 1 1/4 cup 1 3/4 cup 7/8 cup
13 kg (30 lbs) 3 1/2 cups 2 1/2 cups 1 1/2 cup 2 1/4 cups 1 1/4 cup
22.6 kg (50 lbs) 5 cups 3 3/4 cups 2 cups 2 3/4 cups 1 3/4 cups
37.75 kg (70 lbs) 6 cups 4 3/4 cups 2 3/4 cups 3 3/4 cups 2 1/2 cups 
40.82 kg (90 lbs) 6 1/2 cups 5 1/4 cups 3 1/2 cups 4 1/2 cups 3 cups

Feeding your puppy: Give small portions in three to four feedings each day, take what the chart suggests and divide by the number of feedings per day for portion size. After your puppy is done eating remove food after twenty minutes. Start to reduce to twice per day after six months.

For pregnant or nursing dogs: Give 50% more food per day for pregnant dogs after the first six weeks. Nursing dogs should be allowed to free feed, and she may eat two or three times as much as an average dog during this time. 

Venison, venison liver, eggs, ground organic sprouted barley seed, herring, perch, salmon, sweet potato, ground fava beans, ground organic sprouted flaxseed, ground organic sprouted lentils, ground organic sprouted peas, potato starch, apples, carrots, sea salt, kelp, baking soda.