Homes Alive Pets Portable Collapsible Travel Bowl

by Homes Alive Pets
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  • Homes Alive exclusive product
  • Medium-sized collapsible travel bowl with a snap hook
  • Holds about 0.75 ltr of water
  • Grip on the side for easy gripping
  • Made from durable, flexible silicone material
  • Dishwasher safe

TheĀ Homes Alive Pets Portable Collapsible Travel Bowl is a part of Homes Alive Exclusive products. Made from a durable, flexible FDA food-safe approved silicone material with an easy-grip rim, the bowl can hold up to 0.75 ltr when it is time for a drink.

This medium-sized bowl comes with a snap hook that can attach to any belt, bike or backpack. Available only in one size and it's dishwasher safe. More exclusive Homes Alive products are available here.