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    Baxter & Bella Soft Crate
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Dog Crates and Carriers FAQs

Is it okay to use a pet carrier as a crate?

Many carriers that are made from hard materials can be used for crates. However, soft carriers should never be used as a crate since they are not as strong or secure.

Do vets recommend crates?

Most vets recommend crate training dogs from a young age, as it helps housebreak puppies and gives them a safe and comfortable start to their new home.

What size crate for a 50 lb dog?

A dog that is 50 lbs or more will need a bigger crate. The length will depend on how big the dog is. The Precision 5000 Pro Valu Crate is a perfect choice for bigger dogs up to 90 lbs.

What is the difference between a dog crate and a dog carrier?

A dog carrier is typically smaller and made of soft material, whereas a crate is made of hard material and doubles as both a safe space for your pet and a transportation device.

Are soft or hard dog carriers better?

This depends on your dog's needs and your needs. The hard shell can offer a bit more protection and be easier to clean. A soft one is good to save space and fold down and is sometimes machine washable, which can make it easier to clean.

How do I choose the right size dog carrier?

You must know how much your dog weighs when choosing a dog carrier. Choose one with a weight limit that is higher than your dog's. Also, add 50 percent of your dog's length to determine the longest size carrier you should buy.

Shop Dog Kennels, Carriers, and Dog Crates in Canada

A comfortable place to sleep at home or a cozy space on the go, the kennel or crate is a place many dogs spend a lot of time. Whether you are just doing some basic puppy training or looking for a way to keep your dog safe and secure when he's home alone, browse our selection of durable wire dog crates, soft dog crates, plastic dog kennels & dog crate covers.

Whether you are training a new puppy or just need a safe space for your dog to relax when they are home alone, our selection of high-quality dog crates, kennels, and carriers offer variety, function, and style to meet the needs of dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Security and comfort are both equally important factors when choosing a dog crate, kennel or carrier. A wire dog crate is a common option for at-home safety and confinement. Precision Pro Valu Crates offers a patented 5-point locking system to give you peace of mind that your pet is safe and secure while you are away. It has two doors, allowing for maximum versatility even in small spaces. Whether you are looking for a small dog crate or a large dog travel crate, looking for a style that is easy to transport and store is ideal. The Precision crate is a folding dog crate that easily fits in a closet, under a bed, or in the trunk of your car when not in use. Precision offers sturdy crates for dogs of all sizes, from x small dog crates for dogs and cats under 10 lbs all the way up to an XL dog crate for dogs up to 110 lbs who need a large dog crate Canada.

A puppy crate is an important accessory for training a new pooch, but finding the right size for a growing pup can be a challenge. Each Precision wire dog kennel comes with a dog crate divider to ensure that your baby dog doesn't have too much or too little space for comfort while they grow.

Wire dog crates are often preferred for at-home crate training, but they don't exactly mesh with your home decor. A stylish dog crate cover is a great option to class up your dog crate Canada, block out outside stimulants and make your dog's personal space a little more private. Molly Mutt Dog Crate Covers are made from durable 100% cotton canvas, and even better, they are machine washable, making them a good puppy crate cover. These dog crate covers Canada come in three trendy patterns.

If you are looking for a dog cage that is a little more versatile, a plastic dog crate like the Precision Cargo Kennel is a sturdy kennel with four-sided ventilation, a reversible wire door, and a wheel included. This travel dog crate works perfectly for at-home training and alone time but is also ideal for car and air travel. Check out our full selection ofdog travel crates and carriers if your dog is a regular adventure companion.

Soft dog crates are a lightweight alternative to traditional wire dog crates. They serve the same function at home but are more easily portable, making soft crate dog carriers ideal for travel, like camping trips and road trips with dogs. The Baxter & Bella Dog Soft Crate is made from a water-resistant material with a steel-coated frame and mesh windows. Smaller dogs may prefer the cozy and colourful Dogit Voyageur Dog Carrier. With back, front and side ventilation, this lightweight plastic dog carrier is suitable for small dogs and cats under 10.5" tall.

No matter which kennel, carrier, or collapsible dog crate you choose, be sure to make your dog cage a home with a soft dog crate mat or dog bed and other dog accessories. Check out our full selection of dog crates, ramps, steps, and more accessories available online, Canada-wide.