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  1. K&H Pet Coolin' Pet Pad - Small
    K&H Pet Coolin' Pet Pad
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    Baxter & Bella Soft Crate
    Baxter & Bella Soft Crate
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  3. Hurtta Life Savior ECO
    Hurtta Life Savior ECO
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  4. Kurgo Baxter Pack - Coastal Blue
    Kurgo Baxter Pack
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Crates, Pens & Doors FAQs

Is it OK to keep a dog in kennel? Using a kennel or crate when your dog is home alone is a great way to keep them safe and encourage them to stay calm. Be sure to properly introduce the cage and choose one that is appropriately sized for their comfort and safety.

Is 12 hours too long to crate a dog? Adult dogs shouldn't be left in a crate for more than 6-8 hours. Puppies, even less. Too much time spent in a crate can lead to "accidents" and can lead to destructive or anxious behaviours.

What are the two types of kennels? You can choose between a crate or a kennel to secure your dog. Kennels are better for travelling, while crates are preferred for use at home.

How long can a dog hold their pee? Most adult dogs can hold their bladder for 6-8 hours. Puppies under 6 months will need a bathroom break every 4-5 hours. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to crate-train your dog.

Why do people put dogs in kennels? The main reason that many dog owners choose to kennel train their dogs is to keep them safe when they are home alone.

What is the difference between a dog crate and a play pen? Dog crates are designed to encourage calm behaviours and sleep, whereas playpens are confined areas for dogs to play and have fun.

Shop Crates, Pens & Doors in Canada

When you are on the go or keeping close to home, your dog needs comfort and security. Our selection ranges from practical to stylish to comfy, whether you are looking for dog beds, mats, crates, exercise pens, or more dog gear.

Crates, pens, and ramps make life easier for you and your pet. The best dog crate stands up to the test of time while providing Fido with a blissful area to retreat. At Homes Alive Pets, we offer a wide assortment of dog crates, dog carriers, soft sided dog pens, and more.

Veterinarians and training professionals often advocate for dog crate training when housebreaking a young pup. The earlier they start using a crate, the easier it will be to use when they are older.

A dog travel crate can be used to keep your dog safe in the car, or try an airline approved dog crate for flying with dogs. Don’t forget a soft and comfortable dog kennel mat.

When travelling with your pet in your car, consider investing in a dog car seat for added safety, and so your dog can more easily see out the auto’s windows. The right dog travel gear can be useful in making your dog more comfortable and safer, no matter how you are travelling.

Smaller dog may feel more comfortable in a soft sided dog carrier for travelling. The enclosure can feel less overwhelming and will encourage your little pooch to lie down and relax.

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