Flexi Comfort Retractable Tape Leash - Grey

by Flexi
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  • Comfortable, soft grip
  • Can be locked into place for better control
  • Very compact design
  • Durable chrome snap hook
  • Customizable handle adjustment system on larger sizes
  • Compatible with various Flexi accessories (sold separately)
  • Other colours sold separately

The Grey Flexi Comfort Retractable Tape Leash offers a comfortable, compact design that makes walking your dog easy. The handle provides a soft, comfortable place to grip (adjustable on larger sizes) and will reduce any slipping. The durable retractable tape has a chrome attachment hook at the end and can be locked into place to provide you with better control over your dog during walks.

This leash is available in a variety of colours (sold separately) and is compatible with various Flexi accessories (sold separately). Available in a variety of sizes. See chart under Specifications tab for details.

Sizing Chart

  Leash Length Approx. Leash Weight Maximum Dog Weight Adjustable Handle System Compatible with Flexi Accessories
X-Small 3 m/10 ft 127 g / 4.5 oz 12 kg / 26 lb. No Multi-box and LED Lighting System
Small 5 m / 16 ft 200 g / 7 oz 15 kg / 33 lb. No Interchangeable Belts, Multi-box, and LED Lighting System
Medium 5 m / 16 ft 290 g / 10 oz 25 kg / 55 lb. Yes Multi-box and LED Lighting System
5M Large 5 m / 16 ft 490 g / 17 oz 60 kg/ 132 lb. Yes Multi-box and LED Lighting System