RC Pets Moto Control Harness

by RC Pets
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  • Multi-purpose dog harness - for everyday use and in the vehicle
  • Easy to put on and off - no need to touch the paws
  • Uses breathable mesh with aluminium D-ring for durability
  • Four adjustable plastic buckle points for a customized fit
  • Built-in control handle or can be a seatbelt loop
  • Leash attachment options on the upper and lower parts of the control handle
  • 3M reflective lining
  • Available in a variety of sizes and in three different colours

RC Pets Moto Control Harness is a multi-purpose dog harness that is ideal for everyday use and ensures safety for your furry friend by securing them in the vehicle with the convenient seatbelt loop. Made with 100% polyester this harness uses breathable mesh on the chest plate for breathability and comfort with the use of aluminium d-rings for durability. The design of the Moto Control Harness ensures that it is easy to put on and take off without the need to touch any paws by putting the harness over the dog's head and clipping the buckles, four adjustments points allow a custom fit to your dog's unique shape. 

Located on the back of the harness is a handle that a seatbelt can be fed through and act as a seatbelt or as a control handle during walks. As an everyday non-chocking harness, the Moto Control offers two points along the back for leash attachment and 3M reflective lining stitched in the chest plate for visibility in low light conditions. 

The Moto Control Dog Harness comes in a variety of sizes and in three different sizes, please see the specifications tab for more information.

Sizing Chart

Size Weight Chest
X-Small 4.5 - 6.8 kg (10 - 15 lbs) 35 - 45 cm (14 - 18")
Small 6.8 - 11 kg (15 - 25 lbs) 45 - 55 cm (18 - 22")
Medium 11 - 20 kg (25 - 45 lbs) 50 - 71 cm (20 - 28")
Large 20 - 34 kg (45 - 75 lbs) 63 - 88 cm (25 - 35")
X-Large 31 - 49.8 kg (70 - 110 lbs) 75 - 101 cm (30 - 40")



How to Measure Your Dog


  1. Muzzle Length
  2. Measure the length of the nose from the tip to the crook where you want the muzzle to sit comfortably below the eyes.

  3. Muzzle Width
  4. Measure the circumference of the muzzle at the widest part, leaving space for two fingers to ensure a comfortable fit.

  5. Neck
  6. Measure the circumference of the base, leaving enough space to comfortably fit two fingers.

  7. Leg Length
  8. Measure your dog from the top of the shoulder and hip to the floor.

  9. Chest Girth
  10. Measure the circumference of the widest part of the chest behind the front legs.

  11. Length
  12. Measure the length from the top of their shoulders to the base of their tail.

  13. Paw Width
  14. Measure the diameter of the widest part of the paw.


Get more tips for finding the perfect fit for your dog's adventure gear in How to Measure Your Dog.


Washing Instructions

Ensure all the buckles are fastened before washing, machine wash cold on delicate cycle and hang to dry. Do not bleach.