Homes Alive Pets Dog Bandana

by Homes Alive Pets
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  • Stylish bandana - Homes Alive Pattern
  • Lightweight 
  • Machine-wash safe
  • Easy to fold to fit on any dog's neck
  • Comes only in one size

The Homes Alive Pets Dog Bandana is a lightweight and stylish bandanna showing off Homes Alive's iconic logo and colour. Measuring 55.8 cm | 22 in when fully opened up gives you options of how small or large you want the bandana to be to fit around your dog's neck stylishly.

Homes Alive Dog Bandana is available only in one size. More exclusive Homes Alive products are available here.


Size Measurements (H x L)
One Size 55.8 x 55.8 cm | 22 x 22 in


Machine wash in cold water and hang it to dry.