Fleece Dog Coats

There's nothing cozier than a soft fleece jacket on a cool day. Fleece Dog Coats are lightweight and breathable, making them a great stand-alone dog coat for late fall, but also work as a warm and insulating underlayer for your dog's winter jacket. Shop our full selection of fleece dog jackets and fleece-lined dog coats to keep your dog warm and toasty on your winter walks.

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  1. GF Pet Gondola Base Layer for Dogs
    GF Pet Gondola Base Layer for Dogs
    Starting From: $34.99 Our Price: $34.99
  2. Hurtta Midlayer Overall
    Hurtta Midlayer Overall
    Starting From: $90.99 Our Price: $90.99
  3. Hurtta Razzle-Dazzle Midlayer Coat
    Hurtta Razzle-Dazzle Midlayer Coat
    Starting From: $78.99 Our Price: $78.99
  4. Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse Jacket
    Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse Jacket
    Starting From: $96.99 Our Price: $96.99
  5. Ruffwear Climate Changer Jacket for Dogs
    Ruffwear Climate Changer Jacket for Dogs
    Starting From: $64.99 Our Price: $64.99

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Dog Fleece Coats FAQS

Does fleece keep dogs warm?

Fleece is a great material to keep dogs warm during cold weather. It provides excellent insulation and is also lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for dogs to wear.

Does my dog need a fleece?

It depends on various factors, such as the breed of the dog, the weather conditions in the area, and the dog's tolerance for cold temperatures. Dogs with thin coats or less body fat may benefit from wearing a fleece jacket during colder months.

How to choose a fleece dog jacket?

When choosing a fleece jacket for your dog, consider the size and breed of your dog, the weather conditions in your area, and the jacket's insulation and durability. Look for features like adjustable straps, water-resistant coating, and a comfortable fit.

Do dogs need fleece coats in Canada?

Some dogs may benefit from wearing a fleece coat in Canada's colder months, particularly those with thin coats or less body fat. However, it ultimately depends on the dog's breed, size, and tolerance for cold temperatures. Consult with a veterinarian or dog expert for specific recommendations.

Shop Dog Fleece Coats in Canada

When the leaves start to fall, and temperatures start to drop, a fleece dog coat is just what you’ll need to keep your dog warm. The soft fleece material is not only insulating but soft too. Dog fleece coats are perfect as a stand-alone jacket but work well as a base layer when paired with a more extreme weather dog coat.

The Ruffwear Climate Changer is made from 75% recycled polyester fleece, making it breathable and fast drying, perfect for changing fall and winter weather. The short, fitted sleeves protect core muscles and block the cool autumn wind.

The weather can be unpredictable, and the Hurtta Razzle-Dazzle Midlayer Coat is the perfect dog coat for layering. The mid-layer jacket is made from soft water-repellant fleece, making it ideal for mildly cold weather. Layer it with a winter dog jacket to help your dog handle more extreme Canadian winters.